Month: November 2009

  • Listening to a philosopher

    Bird Droppings November 30, 2009 Listening to a philosopher A beautiful sky this morning as I walked out and actually rather warm which is surprising as the sky while filled with clouds was clear. A moon reflecting across from the west is lighting up the sky and white billowing clouds presented a surreal picture for […]

  • Trying to understand giving thanks, war, and teaching

    Bird Droppings November 26, 2009 Trying to understand giving thanks, war and teaching I had a difficult time sleeping due to a head cold and some sinus issues. When I got up and started to walk around and downed a large mug of mate and black tea my head started to clear a bit and […]

  • Families and friends

    Bird Droppings November 24, 2009 Families and Friends The holidays are getting here soon and this semester is drawing to an end or perhaps a beginning as we get closer to the start of a semester at school. We were one of a few schools that had a week off for Thanksgiving and we will […]

  • Finding Ourselves

    Bird Droppings November 20, 2009 Finding ourselves “Whatever games are played with us, we must play no games with ourselves.” Ralph Waldo Emerson So often the morning goes one direction and then shifts I was reading John Dewey and pondering the concepts of constructivism when I was thinking about how so many times the real […]

  • Filling cracks in leaky pots

    Bird Droppings November 19, 2009 Filling cracks in leaky pots Far too often in the course of existence we tend to miss so much in our wandering about hurrying here and there and never taking time to understand or to even try and understand what is going on. Yesterday was a blur of discussions, meetings […]

  • Feeding Wolves

    Bird Droppings November 18, 2009 Feeding wolves So many thoughts going through my mind today as I sit listening to rain outside and pondering several days of events that have made there mark on me. There are times when it is hard to put into words whether it is because of confidentiality or emotions maybe […]

  • Finding where cpmmunity exists

    Bird Droppings November 17, 2009 Finding where community exists As I got near the end of my doctorial course work I was involved in a class on educational ethics which featured nine texts all of which have an under lying current of caring and relationships as keys to education or I should say successful teaching. […]

  • Forgiving is more than words it is an action

    Bird Droppings November 16, 2009 Forgiving is more than words it is an action As I grow older I find our window in this reality is so small in comparison to all that has and will transpire. Why should we put up blinds and window coverings when we only even when the window is totally […]

  • COGNITION is it a dirty word

    Bird Droppings November 13, 2009 COGNITION is it a dirty word “You are today where your thoughts have brought you; you will be tomorrow where your thoughts take you.” James Allan So often I see folks limited by their imagination, each of us is blessed with a thinking process hidden in there is creativity. It […]

  • Creativity

    Bird Droppings November 12, 2009 CREATIVITY I got up this morning to check my emails and write as I do every morning about three thirty or so and my youngest son is still posting on facebook from his dorm in Macon from college. I was talking to a good friend yesterday about how life as […]