Month: October 2010

  • I have found over the years you can not fence a friend

    Bird Droppings October 14, 2010 I have found over the years you can not fence a friend I am sitting in my kitchen a bit later than normal since we are out of school today writing trying to get everything done before we leave for Florida and my youngest sons wedding Saturday. There are so […]

  • Is wisdom knowing the difference between success and failure

    Bird Droppings October 13, 2010 Is wisdom, knowing the difference between success and failure? “Wisdom is not taught. Systems are taught. Wisdom comes from experiencing life.” James Kavanaugh, Celebrate the Sun A friend was writing about her success as a writer in her daily blog and most responded monetarily with the old adage that money […]

  • Seeing our purpose in life

    Bird Droppings October 12, 2010 Seeing our purpose in life It has been over five years since I started writing this piece. I went out this morning with many questions on my mind. I Have a significant paper to write, a wedding coming up to officiate, a new grandbaby on the way, new and old […]

  • Words can or are wisdom

    Bird Droppings October 11, 2010 Words can be or are wisdom I am sitting here at least thinking about writing papers for grad school and word’s is what is on my mind right now. I just commented on a facebook post about learning languages and how I know enough in several languages to survive and […]

  • Whay are we missing Creativity

    Bird Droppings October 10, 2010 Why are we missing Creativity? This was another quiet morning as I wandered out a bit too chilly for crickets and frogs although later in the day several tree frogs visited around the house. The air was still not a breeze as I sat in my old wicker rocking chair […]

  • It is all connected and intertwined

    Bird Droppings October 9, 2010 It is all connected and intertwined As I thought about the Sydney J. Harris passage below and walked out to a quiet spot where I meditate something hit me. As I faced east towards the rising sun the gossamer threads of life interconnected with everything. They were iridescent and softly […]

  • Its about random acts of kindness

    Bird Droppings October 8, 2010 It is about random acts of kindness I was a bit under the weather when I got up this morning and my faithful dog decided I did not need sleep as well although she was quick and wanted right back in the house. It was close enough to three o’clock […]

  • Looking at why we are not succeeding

    Bird Droppings October 7, 2010 Looking at why we are not succeeding Very early this morning I walked out into the chill although not quite as cold as yesterday a few crickets and tree frogs greeted me as I took our dog for her morning reverie. The sky was clear as a bell stars blazing […]

  • What if truth prevailed?

    Bird Droppings October 6, 2010 What if Truth prevailed I started my morning as I do so many mornings walking out into the stillness of the hour but today with a chill in the air all was silent. Air conditioners busy through one of the hottest summers I have lived in Georgia now nearly forty […]

  • Searching deep within ourselves

    Bird Droppings October 5, 2010 Searching deep within ourselves “If you don’t like something change it; if you can’t change it, change the way you think about it.” Mary Engelbreit I am very much a creature of routine of habit and when my daily path is altered I have occasion to be amiss. My day […]