Month: March 2011

  • Why be a teacher?

    Bird Droppings March 8, 2011 Why be a teacher I was talking with students yesterday about going into teaching and one of the students actually wanted to be a teacher. Along that line the Georgia Legislator is considering various ways to cut funding for teachers and with many counties cutting back on budgets and jobs […]

  • Caught in a moment of quiet

    Bird Droppings March 7, 2011 Caught up in a moment of quiet An occasionally coo or whisper on the baby monitor here near where I am sitting is my only sound as I start my morning along with I walked out with my dog this morning and it was silent no residual sounds of neighborhood […]

  • Having a heart

    Bird Droppings March 6, 2011 Having a heart “There are four bases of sympathy: charity, kind speech, doing a good turn, and treating all alike.” Buddha, Sayings of the Buddha Yesterday I worked with students expressing a news article in visual form. Over the past few years as I interact with people observing the various […]

  • Changing behavior

    Bird Droppings March 4, 2011 Changing Behavior “In order to change behavior of a person, the ultimate factor is motivation, and more attention needs to be paid to the mental state.” The Dalai Lama In dealing with students and people in general changing behavior is perhaps one element that crosses so many different aspects of […]

  • Setting the example

    Bird Droppings March 3, 2011 Setting the example I received an email many nights ago from a friend several months back in Pennslyvania referring to comments I had made in a Bird Droppings, she borrowed from scripture and discussed how a house should be built upon a solid base. She was talking about how we […]

  • Who is responsible

    Bird Droppings March 2, 2011 Who is responsible? Several weeks ago I was involved in a debate of sorts on the issue of public versus private education. Yesterday I picked up one of the local papers and a letter to the editor caught my attention and it was a blast at public education locally and […]

  • Thinking for a minute of what to write

    Bird Droppings February 28 – March 1, 2011 Thinking for a minute of what to write Over the past few weeks I have read several blogs and emails about counting sheep and last night as I lay down to get some sleep after a long day of working on graphics and writing, working in my […]