Month: November 2011

  • LIfe is raw material

    Bird Droppings November 20, 2011 Life is raw material Morning is a special time a beginning I am always questioned why I get up so early. My response is to get a great start to the day. Several aspects make it special first one of taking the dog out and talking with her as she […]

  • Every day is a good day

    Bird Droppings November 19, 2011 Every day is a good day Recently I had the great privilege of spending some time with three friends. These are people I have known for many years. Over this the next holiday week I will be driving nearly 800 miles on various assundery excursions. There will be a trip […]

  • Only a crazy thought or two

    Bird Droppings November 18, 2011 Only a crazy thought or two Occasionally I will get a crazy thought; my students will say occasionally I have a normal thought that would be more like it. They would be insinuating most of my thoughts are crazy. However Today I was driving to school being lazy I slept […]

  • Finding where community exists

    Bird Droppings November 17, 2011 Finding where community exists As I got near the end of my doctorial course work I was involved in a class on educational ethics which featured nine texts all of which have an under lying theme of caring and relationships as a key to education or I should say successful […]

  • If we only can make a difference

    Bird Droppings November 16, 2011 If we only can make a difference I walked out last night to a partial moon although it was warm and off and on again drizzle seemed to be the norm. However between the clouds I did see a jet stream that was perfectly in line with what I could […]

  • Quietly pursuing silence

    Bird Droppings November 15, 2011 Quietly pursuing Silence I was standing in my back yard listening. There was silence. As I stood how easy is it to find fear and or solace in silence. Many horror movies over the years and of course books for those of us who still read feature silence in all […]

  • Looking at a cloud

    Bird Droppings November 14, 2011 Looking at a cloud It has been some time since I lay on a blanket at the Valley Forge National Park in Pennsylvania watching clouds float by over head. Earlier as I walked outside clouds were moving by in the darkness which always is inspiring to me seeing the lace […]

  • So many thoughts for one day

    Bird Droppings November 13, 2011 So many thoughts for one day I believe I was prepared from childhood to discuss this topic. It has been many years since my first introduction to Native Americans. I was three or four years old when I first remember my father’s stories of Little Strong Arm and Black Eagle. […]

  • High stakes testing and/or inspection does it work?

    Bird Droppings November 12, 2011 High Stakes Testing and/or Inspection does it work? I was thinking back this morning to several months of getting ready for a peer review, GAPPS Review. If you throw in the Georgia High School Graduation retests and PSAT, and End of Course tests all about the same time that was […]

  • Gratitude is action as well as words

    Bird Droppings November 11, 2011 Gratitude is action as well as words Most mornings I am driving to school about four thirty or so in the morning but today with Veterans Day as a holiday I got to relax till maybe five or so. Today my wife had scheduled a medical procedure and we were […]