Month: December 2011

  • Looking to Nature for answers

    Bird Droppings December 7, 2011 Looking to Nature for answers   As I read and ponder a world engrossed with money and how we can spend money I wonder if perhaps some of the thinking that is bringing so many American Indians back to their more traditional world views has merit. I was beginning to […]

  • A new life as we make the journey

    Bird Droppings December 6, 2011 A new life as we make the journey   Resurrection By Susan Thomas Underwood   The universe is energy in constant motion. There are ebbs and flows; Outcomes and income, And change…… Always change.   The physical world reflects this motion In the cycles of life, There is spring and […]

  • Seeing each piece as we live

    Bird Droppings December 5, 2011 Seeing each piece as we live   It has been several years ago that I began looking at life as a journey each piece building to the next. Yesterday I was reviewing my jaunt to take our granddaughter home to North Georgia. I got up to go run by the […]

  • Do more than belonging

    Bird Droppings December 4, 2011 Do more than belonging   It has been quite a while since I was unable to walk out first thing in the morning whether weather or being lazy it was not a good morning to venture out and I think the dog knew it as well and slept in. A […]

  • Intuition such a powerful force

    Bird Droppings December 3, 2011 Intuition such a powerful force Later today we are having a birthday party the day after for our granddaughter since she lives out of town and is coming down to see us. As I thought this morning one of my favorite pondering ideas is that of intuition. Intuition is an […]

  • Technology a critical cog in our machine of life

    Bird Droppings December 2, 2011 Technology a critical cog in our machine of life A year ago we were waiting on word of a new grandbaby. It was the third till my wife and I could make our way to Panama City Florida where my son and his wife were living at the time. Needless […]

  • Trying to uncover peace

    Bird Droppings December 1, 2011 Trying to uncover peace   “In this week of great destruction, we must each choose what road we are to walk and live. The road of destruction is war, it has always been so. The road of creation is deeper and more complicated; it has always involved forgiveness, love, light, […]