Month: June 2012

  • Are we experiencing a genocide of learning?

    Bird Droppings June 19, 2012 Are we experiencing genocide of learning?   It gets difficult to finish my daily journals entries lately running back and forth to North Georgia, sitting in on Foxfire Teacher Classes, reading and discussing John Dewey and my writing of course. So here early in the morning today as I write […]

  • Should we sharpen the machete or bring a shovel?

    Bird Droppings June 18, 2012 Should we sharpen the machete or bring a shovel?   I have been reflecting over the concept of critical pedagogy and in that reflection I recall an incident nearly forty years ago that call to mind my own interpretation and understanding of what we as teachers are all about. I […]

  • Can we find attitude within pedagogy?

    Bird Droppings June 16, 2012 Can we find attitude within pedagogy?   “If a university can’t have two out of five of their student-athletes graduate, I don’t know why they’re rewarded with post-season play” Arne Duncan               Over the past few days I have been looking at how I see teaching and instruction and […]

  • Critical Pedagogy is not a dirty word

    Bird Droppings June 15, 2012 Critical Pedagogy is not a dirty word               This time of year I am traditionally back and forth to North Georgia the past four or five summers to a program taught by faculaty from Piedmont College and housed on the Foxfire Property in Mountain City Georgia. Teachers from literally […]

  • An evolving pedagogy as I learn

    Bird Droppings June 14, 2012 An evolving pedagogy as I learn   “We would do away with examinations. They measure the inconsequential type of learning. We would do away with grades and credits for the same reason. We would do away with degrees as a measure of competence partly for the same reason. Another reason […]

  • Finding the essential Bird Pedagogy

    Bird Droppings June 13, 2012 Finding the essential Bird Pedagogy   I walked out last evening just before dark tired from driving and little sleep but listening carefully to a sound filled world about me. The leaves and grass were still wet from two days of rain and the heat of the afternoon sun had […]

  • Keeping the energy flowing

    Bird Droppings June 12, 2012 Keeping the energy flowing   I attend at least partially two Foxfire courses a year for teachers in Mountain City Georgia. This course is actually a graduate class of Piedmont College’s Education Department. Last night as I made my way back, this was as always invigorating for me. The experience […]

  • Trying to understand why

    Bird Droppings June 11, 2012 Trying to understand why               It has been an interesting summer with everyone sort of going in differing directions almost all the time. I will spend a good deal of time at school. It gives me time to think and ponder when the hallways are quiet. Tomorrow we will […]

  • Sitting at my kitchen table pondering

    Bird Droppings June 10, 2011 Sitting at my kitchen table pondering               I am up a bit earlier than normal on a Sunday morning but a trip ahead of me one of which for nearly six years now I try and make about this time each year. Very few times when teachers get together […]

  • How about listening to John Lennon?

    Bird Droppings June 9, 2012 How about listening to John Lennon?             Yesterday I got home a bit after watching a movie with my son Prometheus, the new sci-fi film out sort of raising the question of how we got here. Earlier I ran some errands and did a little boxing and moving at school […]