Month: February 2013

  • Practicing Patience

    Bird Droppings February 28, 2013 Practicing Patience It has been nearly forty years since I first went to Hemmingway’s just off the interstate in Decatur Georgia. It was a favorite local entertainment establishment. My wife and I would go prior and after our marriage primarily to listen to a local singer who with his band […]

  • Wandering about

    Bird Droppings February 27, 2013 Wandering about I have been saving my pennies to get a new camera hopefully to be ready for spring. There are so many possibilities with various flowers blooming all about and baby ducks and geese soon at local lakes and ponds. However right now I have a collection of bugs […]

  • A series of paradoxes and bewilderment

    Bird Droppings February 26, 2013 A series of paradoxes and bewilderment I received the following in an email back a few days, a friend of mine sent it out and as I read the first time it was humorous. However as I pondered then as a teacher I read deeper into what was being said. […]

  • What is this desire for freedom?

    Bird Droppings February 25, 2013 What is this desire for freedom? “Brute force, no matter how strongly applied, can never subdue the basic human desire for freedom and dignity. It is not enough, as communist systems have assumed, merely to provide people with food, shelter and clothing. Human nature needs to breathe the precious air […]

  • Getting over the bumps

    Bird Droppings February 24, 2013 Getting over the bumps “Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off your goal.” Hannah More Perhaps ahead of her time Ms. More wrote in abundance in the later 1700’s and early 1800’s. She was writing in a time when women should have been sitting […]

  • Saying Goodbye or is it hello?

    Bird Droppings February 23, 2013 Saying Goodbye or is it hello? It might have been the fact I had never pulled out my Eagle Scout card from 1967 in class before that got me thinking back. While mired in controversy nationally the Boy Scouts of America have contributed greatly to our culture and country. However […]

  • It has been a long time

    Bird Droppings February 22, 2013 It has been a long time I was sitting along the edge of reality yesterday evening somewhere in my backyard listening to the wind blow through the pines; it seems pine trees make a better sound till the oak trees have all their leaves in place. Sort of a circular […]

  • What if treaties and promises were all kept, what a world we would have.

    Bird Droppings February 21, 2013 What if treaties and promises were all kept, what a world we would have. I begin each morning waking up and finding my way to my computer taking our dog out if she wants to, checking my ipad, making sure my connection is on or network up since we have […]

  • The most powerful of teaching tools is REFLECTION

    Bird Droppings February 20, 2013 The most powerful of teaching tools is REFLECTION “It is a terrible thing to see and have no vision.” Helen Keller Helen Keller was one of the most envisioned people to have walked the earth yet never for most of her life did she ever see anything in that she […]

  • Wet and dreary as I ponder educational genocide And or NCLB, Norming, Children, Leaves the Best

    Bird Droppings February 19, 2013 Wet and dreary as I ponder educational genocide And or NCLB, Norming, Children, Leaves the Best I was huddled in my blanket as I went outside to sit and think a bit earlier granted I was barefooted. The air was still except for a slight rain, dripping from the branches […]