Month: March 2013

  • Seeking Perfection midst the mud

    Bird Droppings March 31, 2013 Seeking Perfection midst the mud “I have found there are those who can write and speak fluently and yet do not have anything to say and then there are those who have something to say who may not be so fluent. The big question is who do, you listen too?” […]

  • Can we really find answers?

    Bird Droppings March 29, 2013 Can we really find answers? Several years ago I would have said there were answers to almost any question that could be asked. Today sitting here I wonder granted first you have to ask what is the question or questions but I have a different attitude now sort of one […]

  • A morning meandering while the moon sets

    Bird Droppings March 28, 2013 A morning meandering while the moon sets As I read through several old emails of my former doctorate and graduate cohort folks as they some are defending their dissertations in the coming weeks. In another set of emails from an article review several commented on how these particular readings provided […]

  • Progressive versus traditional teachers

    Bird Droppings March 27, 2013 Progressive versus traditional teachers In a ninth grade literature class that I happen to co-teach in I was introduced to the Freedom Writers Diary and the film based on the book. In some ways the story is similar to the story of Foxfire. Erin Gruell a first year brand new […]

  • The sacredness of finding Foxfire in the Kalahari

    Bird Droppings March 26, 2013 The sacredness of finding Foxfire in the Kalahari I have known about Foxfire for nearly forty years since I bought my first copy of a Foxfire book in 1973 or so. Since that time coincidence as it may be I have taken courses in the Foxfire approach to teaching and […]

  • I wonder if we see each piece of the puzzle?

    Bird Droppings March 25, 2013 I wonder if we see each piece of the puzzle? Officially spring is here and around here daffodils are finishing up and most flowering trees are near full bloom which of course in Georgia means voracious amounts of pine pollen, everything will be soon yellow between rains. While cloudy this […]

  • The beginning or end in a circle is where?

    Bird Droppings March 23, 2013 The beginning or end in a circle is where? “It is the function of art to renew our perception. What we are familiar with we cease to see. The writer shakes up the familiar scene, and, as if by magic, we see a new meaning in it.” Albert Einstein Over […]

  • Can we teach a love of learning?

    Bird Droppings March 22, 2013 Can we teach a love of learning? I bumped into this young lady at the grocery store a few days ago and it had been some time since our last run in. She was one of my secret seniors nearly six years ago. It has been almost some time since […]

  • In pondering the question understanding often comes through

    Bird Droppings March 21, 2013 In pondering the question understanding often comes through It has been interesting this spring weather wise. I have been battling allergies and sinus issues daily between cold and hot and rain and then not enough rain and the pollen. When I headed to school today I had been thinking about […]

  • Should we question our questions?

    Bird Droppings March 20, 2013 Should we question our questions? Yesterday as I was sitting in my class room after finding in my files an article from a few years back about the innuendos about who and why Georgia students in middles schools across the state did so poorly on CRCT’s, Georgia’s version of school […]