Month: June 2013

  • Life is making a quilt

    Bird Droppings June 30, 2013 Life is making a quilt It was nearly six years ago today my wife walked in and told me that my mother said this was to be a happy time a joyous occasion as we celebrated my father’s life on Sunday. She said I think we are even having a […]

  • Why are we not seeking peace?

    Bird Droppings June 27, 2013 Why are we not seeking peace? “In this week of great destruction, we must each choose what road we are to walk and live. The road of destruction is war, it has always been so. The road of creation is deeper and more complicated; it has always involved forgiveness, love, […]

  • Should I even be pondering the idea of faith?

    Bird Droppings June 26, 2013 Should I even be pondering the idea of faith? “Modern technology advanced in such tiny increments for so long that we never realized how much our world was being altered, or the ultimate direction of the process. But now the speed of change is accelerating logarithmically. It is apparent that […]

  • Can we even compare ethics and politics?

    Bird Droppings June 24, 2013 Can we even compare ethics and politics? I picked up a copy of the Atlanta Journal Constitution this morning. The front page had various articles but one caught my attention. Having been a student in psychology at Mercer University in Macon and required to go on a field trip to […]

  • What does it take to see the fluidity of life?

    Bird Droppings June 23, 2013 What does it take to see the fluidity of life? “Adverse circumstances test our courage, our strength of mind, and the depth of our conviction in the natural law. There is nothing exceptional about practicing in a good environment and atmosphere. The true test is if we can maintain our […]

  • Is what happened today tomorrow’s history?

    Bird Droppings June 21, 2013 Is what happened today tomorrow’s history? “Forget mistakes. Forget failures. Forget everything except what you’re going to do now and do it. Today is your lucky day.” Will Durant At times I find a piece a bit of wisdom and or knowledge that has significance to me as I wander […]

  • Why they do what they do?

    Bird Droppings June 20, 2013 Why they do what they do? “Our task is to make our children into disciples of the good life, by our own actions toward them and toward other people. This is the only effective discipline in the long run. But it is more arduous, and takes longer, than simply “laying […]

  • Translating and communicating are critical elements in teaching

    Bird Droppings June 19, 2013 Translating and communicating are critical elements in teaching “Scientific management is always on guard against people who don’t fit securely into boxes, whether because of too much competency, too much creativity, too much popularity or what have you. Although often hired, it is with the understanding they must be kept […]

  • Empathy; do we all have it?

    Bird Droppings June 18, 2013 Empathy; do we all have it? It is has just gotten light on this side of the mountain outside Clayton Georgia as I sit here pondering do I go down and get breakfast or finish this dropping. It has been wet here in the temperate deciduous rainforest of North Georgia […]

  • Pondering and researching education while listening to a waterfalls

    Bird Droppings June 17, 2013 Pondering and researching education while listening to a waterfalls I came up to North Georgia to recharge perhaps another word might be to rekindle my passion for education and learning as I have for nearly ten tears attending Foxfire training programs. I started writing before day break listening to nature’s […]