Month: January 2014

  • Horses and Trains and learning

    Bird Droppings January 8, 2014 Horses and Trains and learning It has been many years since I last rode on a train. I mean a serious train going more than the distance between concourses at an airport. Years ago when I lived in the Philadelphia area, we all used mass transit to commute, to go […]

  • Intuitiveness and being there

    Bird Droppings January 7, 2014 Intuitiveness and being there I have always thought that teachers need to be two things intuitive and empathetic. Both require an element of compassion and caring. I wonder often how people teach without these capabilities. Over the last week with several other teachers we have been discussing this in detail. […]

  • The fragility of life

    Bird Droppings January 6, 2014 The fragility of life Early this morning I was awakened a bit early our dog and I both are getting old and needed to take a potty break. Hearing what I thought was rain and a teenager I assume tearing out of our subdivision about two in the morning did […]

  • A chill in the air

    Bird Droppings January 5, 2014 A chill in the air For several days the now we have been below freezing in the early mornings which totally silences the crickets and tree frogs who need an ambient temperature a bit more warm maybe high fifties low sixties. So for today my orchestra was silent as a […]

  • Building Sandcastles drip by drip

    Bird Droppings January 3, 2014 Building Sandcastles drip by drip It was nearly fourteen years ago when I was physically attending classes in graduate school nearly every day and before switching to Internet classes and WebCT. This took some getting used to going to school and then going to teach school. I was teaching from […]

  • So often in finding answers we create new questions

    Bird Droppings January 2, 2014 So often in finding answers we create new questions Over the past day or so many New Year’s resolutions and advice for next year posting, emailing and even a billboard or two driving home from North Carolina yesterday. With all of the football games being played I got thinking back […]