Month: July 2014

  • Do children deserve more?

    Bird Droppings July 8, 2014 Do children deserve more? I drove up to North Georgia numerous times the past few weeks, drove to middles Georgia to visit with a good friend a former principal, my grandson had his first birthday, all helped throw my routine out the window the past week. So adding to this […]

  • I wonder if you can get moon burn?

    Bird Droppings July 7, 2014 I wonder if you can get moon burn? It was a quiet and crazy evening at the Bird Nest as we returned from a weekend in the mountains to a one year old birthday party of our grandson. Last night just before heading in, I walked out on the back […]

  • Can we be about healing?

    Bird Droppings July 6, 2014 Can we be about healing? “People cannot know how sacred power, or medicine truly works, bit almost every Native American knows something of its ways. Often seen as a mysterious force that is fluid, transmissible and important malleable, sacred power can be manipulated by those who possess it – either […]

  • Is curriculum sacred?

    Bird Droppings July 5, 2014 Is curriculum sacred? My wife and I have taken a couple of day’s hiatus to explore the North Georgia Mountains with no schedule and little baggage. We threw a few t-shirts and shorts in a bag and took off. We actually have more computers and camera gear than clothes. So […]

  • What is normal and can we define it quantitatively or qualitatively?

    Bird Droppings July 3, 2014 What is normal and can we define it quantitatively or qualitatively? “Normality in fact has nothing to do with statistics. It refers to a norm, a model of perfection, an example to be followed. It indicates what we should be. Normality is therefore something to strive for, something at which […]

  • Do we learn from a ripple or a wave?

    Bird droppings July 2, 2014 Do we learn from a ripple or a wave? I will spend most of the morning in class running errands and trying to get ready to have a few days of actual vacation. Later today I will be digging and planting, transplanting and repotting various flowers and herbs in our […]

  • Finding our reflection on a pond or window

    Bird Droppings July 1, 2014 Finding our reflection on a pond or window I boxed up a couple of boxes of “junk” from my class room the other day. Each piece at one time or another had been a teachable moment. Each was an item and or items for that had been collected and or […]