Month: March 2015

  • Quietly listening to Bob Dylan and pondering the word inspiration

    Bird Droppings March 31, 2015 Quietly listening to Bob Dylan and pondering the word inspiration Nearly nine years ago at our county wide teacher kick off meeting which is traditionally a packaged inspirational meeting and welcome for the new school year lead by a outside brought in speaker. The county pays big bucks to a […]

  • Going to school again for the first time

    Bird Droppings March 30, 2015 Going to school again for the first time So often as I start my writings each morning there has been an experience recently to build upon. It is utilizing these previous experiences that provide windows and doors into future experiences. I was driving through our town and a shop I […]

  • Seeking perfection in a world full of mud

    Bird Droppings March 29, 2015 Seeking perfection in a world full of mud “I have found there are those who can write and speak fluently and yet do not have anything to say and then there are those who have something to say who may not be so fluent. The big question is who do, […]

  • Looking for data in a data-less environment

    Bird Droppings March 27, 2015 Looking for data in a data-less environment I read earlier this morning a dialogue of sorts from a young man who is currently serving in the military. He is trying to decide on his future as he pieces together in his dialogue options and possibilities not just in his immediate […]

  • Teaching is making a difference each day

    Bird Droppings March 26, 2015 Teaching is making a difference each day “Dialogue, is the encounter between men, mediated by the world, in order to name the world” Paulo Freire A Brazilian educationalist and one of the most influential thinkers of the late twentieth century made famous the term dialogue in his writing. As I […]

  • Using Pronouns other then we

    Bird Droppings March 25, 2015 Using Pronouns other then we It was one of those days yesterday and a word caught my attention as I was listening to a friend talk. The word was them. I never realized the extent of prejudice till a pronoun was used. Such words as they, them, or those people […]

  • “peaceful evolution versus violent revolution”

    Bird Droppings March 24, 2015 “peaceful evolution versus violent revolution” I have begun reading extensively the past few weeks putting together thoughts for my dissertation in my studies at Georgia Southern University and for teaching with The University of Phoenix. One of those that passed through my hands these past few days and actually a […]

  • How deep within is the soul?

    Bird Droppings March 23, 2015 How deep within is the soul? I received an email from a dear friend many years back after writing about humor and it truly made me think as I looked back on some older notes and thoughts last night and as I pondered I found the response I sent to […]

  • As a teacher we should always be near the edge

    Bird Droppings March 22, 2015 As a teacher we should always be near the edge I recall taking groups hiking in North Georgia and always there is that one person who has to be at the edge of a gorge or edge of the trail dropping two hundred feet down looking over and nearly falling. […]

  • The journey starts here now today

    Bird Droppings March 20, 2015 The journey starts here now today “Who, then, shall conduct education so that humanity may improve?” John Dewey A very deep and broad question, I was thinking back to my own community and associations. We elect school board members who hire teachers and principals, they decide on schools to build […]