Month: November 2015

  • Within the circle of life a new life coming

    Bird Droppings November 30, 2015 Within the circle of life a new life coming Resurrection By Susan Thomas Underwood The universe is energy in constant motion. There are ebbs and flows; Outcomes and income, And change…… Always change. The physical world reflects this motion In the cycles of life, There is spring and fall, winter […]

  • “Teach to where the learning will be not to where it is”

    Bird Droppings November 27, 2015 “Teach to where the learning will be not to where it is” I had a relaxing week with family and sort of got my thoughts together as the days went by. Somewhere as the rain dissipated and we had a few days of sunshine even though the temperatures were below […]

  • A tapestry is made by interconnecting of threads

    Bird Droppings November 25, 2015 A tapestry is made by interconnecting of threads All through history weaving has been a critical aspect of civilization. Weaving cloth for clothes and blankets in order to survive and soon after weaving for art sake. “For certain fortunate people there is something that transcends all classifications of behavior, and […]

  • Trying to understand giving thanks, war and teaching

    Bird Droppings November 24, 2015 Trying to understand giving thanks, war and teaching I had a difficult time sleeping due to some sinus issues I have generally associated with the dry heat from our gas furnace. When I got up and started to walk around and downed a large mug of mate and black tea […]

  • Finding solace along the way

    Bird Droppings November 23, 2015 Finding solace along the way A few days ago a good friend said I could read every word in Bird Droppings today and I did not think I used too many fancy words, although I have a bad habit of inventing words. They said there were no fancy high fangled […]

  • Life is raw material

    Bird Droppings November 20, 2015 Life is raw material Morning is a special time a beginning I am always questioned why I get up so early. My response is to get a great start to the day. Several aspects make it special first one of taking the dog out and talking with her as she […]

  • Filling the cracks in leaky pots

    Bird Droppings November 19, 2015 Filling the cracks in leaky pots Far too often in the course of existence we tend to miss so much in our wandering about. hurrying here and there and never taking time to understand or to even try and understand what is going on. Yesterday was a blur of discussions, […]

  • Teaching is always climbing up another rung

    Bird Droppings November 18, 2015 Teaching is always climbing up another rung We have a break for Thanksgiving then a week or two of class time and then a week or so of testing and the mountain is nearly climbed as we approach the holidays. Even with my aversion to shopping I will be going […]

  • While deadly a spider spins to survive

    Bird Droppings November 17, 2015 While deadly a spider spins to survive “When Peter pulled his sword and attacked the Roman soldier he was told to put it away and his boss turned to the injured soldier and healed his ear but that was before Christianity” Frank Bird Ed.S. D.D. Every other Facebook post is […]

  • I am still trying to figure out teaching

    Bird Droppings November 16, 2015 I am still trying to figure out teaching The names are withheld but on my Facebook page. “Good morning Mr. Bird , I would like to thank you for being a great teacher, my son John Doe speaks highly of you, John has grown up to be hard working, an […]