Month: April 2018

  • A man before his time

    Bird Droppings April 17, 2018 A man before his time   “A man can do what he wants, but not want what he wants.” Arthur Schopenhauer   Many great thinkers have found their motivation and beginnings in Schopenhauer. Arthur Schopenhauer was one of the first westerners to read and understand traditional Eastern thought. He was […]

  • Going up a mountain takes effort

    Bird Droppings April 16, 2018 Going up a mountain takes effort   I am looking forward to my next trip to Black Rock Mountain in North Georgia. It is the site of the Foxfire Museum property and was the site of Piedmont College’s teacher’s class in The Foxfire Approach to teaching. My oldest son took […]

  • Watching a hawk fly by

    Bird Droppings April 13, 2018 Watching a hawk fly by   Sitting writing on Friday the thirteenth waiting on a sunrise. I was able to attend only a few track meets over the past few years due in part to health issues and as always I did take a few photos as I tend to […]

  • Can we find truth in an untruthful world?

    Bird Droppings April 12, 2018 Can we find truth in an untruthful world?   I went back to a book for the third or fourth time, a book titled, Every day is a good day: Reflections by Contemporary Indigenous women, by the late Wilma Mankiller. Wilma Mankiller was the past Chief of The Cherokee Nation […]

  • “peaceful evolution versus violent revolution”

    Bird Droppings April 19, 2017 “peaceful evolution versus violent revolution”   I have begun reading extensively the past few weeks putting together thoughts for my dissertation at Georgia Southern University and for my own teaching. One of those that passed through my hands these past few days and actually a few minutes ago on my […]

  • Are we experiencing the genocide of learning?

    Bird Droppings April 10, 2018 Are we experiencing the genocide of learning?   In the midst of my daily journals entries lately it gets hectic I am trying to do research and write for my dissertation I left hanging in 2010. I have been running back and forth to my various doctors the past three […]

  • Constructivism, sharpen the machete or bring a shovel?

    Bird Droppings April 9, 2018 Constructivism, sharpen the machete or bring a shovel?   I have been reflecting over the concept of critical pedagogy and in that reflection I recall an incident nearly forty years ago that calls to mind my own interpretation and understanding of what we as teachers are all about. I purchased […]

  • The great teachers of America: Where do they come from?

    Bird Droppings April 8, 2018 The great teachers of America: Where do they come from?   I started back to grad school after my twelve yearlong doctorate furlough. I am looking to teach several new college classes when I get back on track which had me started on a new syllabus and lesson plans and […]

  • We need both the Rock and the Smoke

    Bird Droppings April 7, 2018 We need both the Rock and the Smoke   “If people find no room in their lives to pray or to meditate, to reflect deeply on why they have been created and what they must do with their lives, and to listen with all of their being to the guidance […]

  • Potential is only that, unless it is acted upon.

    Bird Droppings April 4, 2018 Potential is only that, unless it is acted upon.   “Nothing in all the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.” Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.   Earlier in the day I watched a fellow argue with the pastor from the Texas church where a gunman killed […]