Month: November 2018

  • Our perceptions vary greatly about life

    Bird Droppings November 30, 2018 Our perceptions vary greatly about life   “Life is 10 percent what you make it and 90 percent how you take it.” Irving Berlin   It was over seventeen years ago I was waiting to go teach again after having spent nearly twenty three years in the publishing business. I […]

  • A look at essential Bird Pedagogy

        Bird Droppings November 28, 2018 A look at essential Bird Pedagogy   It was five years ago I was reading an article actually an interview with Arne Duncan, the Secretary of Education. I selected a few choice quotes from his interview to savor and ponder for a few days. As I look at […]

  • A spiritual side to teaching

    Bird Droppings November 27, 2018 A spiritual side to teaching   “Solitude does not necessarily mean living apart from others; rather, it’s never living apart from one’s self. Not about absence of other people – it is about being fully present to ourselves, whether or not we are with others.” Parker Palmer   Dr. Parker […]

  • Can we teach children to love learning again

    Bird Droppings November 26, 2018 Can we teach children to love learning again   This has been a perplexing time of my life. The thoughts of leaving retirement and going back to work and literally only a week left of retirement part one sort of over whelming me. I have a paper submitted that I […]

  • Going back to school again for the first time

    Bird Droppings November 25, 2018 Going back to school again for the first time So often as I start my writings each morning there has been an experience recently to build upon. It is utilizing these previous experiences that provide windows and doors into future experiences. I was driving through our town and a shop […]

  • Teaching is more than just wanting to

    Bird Droppings November 23, 2018 Teaching is more than just wanting to   “I want to say one other challenge that we face is simply that we must find an alternative to war and bloodshed. Anyone who feels, and there are still a lot of     people who feel that way, that war can solve […]

  • Venting a bit on a Saturday morning

    Birddroppings November 24, 2018 Venting a bit on a Saturday morning   I wrote yesterday and decided to be lazy today to get ready for holidays, Christmas trees etc. Last night and this morning I read several alarming posts on various friend’s pages. I followed links and they led to para military groups discussing declaring […]

  • Within the circle of life a new life coming

    Bird Droppings November 19, 2018 Within the circle of life a new life coming   Resurrection By Susan Thomas Underwood The universe is energy in constant motion. There are ebbs and flows; Outcomes and income, And change…… Always change.   The physical world reflects this motion In the cycles of life, There is spring and […]

  • Listening to a philosopher

    Bird Droppings November 18, 2018 Listening to a philosopher A beautiful sky this morning as I walked out and actually not too cold which is surprising as the sky was clear. Sadly I looked across the space between our house and the neighbors and now the trees are gone. Only weeks ago it was a […]

  • A tapestry is made by interconnecting of threads

    Bird Droppings November 17, 2018     All through history weaving has been a critical aspect of civilization. Weaving cloth for clothes and blankets in order to survive and soon after weaving for art sake.   “For certain fortunate people there is something that transcends all classifications of behavior, and that is awareness, something which […]