Month: October 2019

  • The Journey Part 2

    Bird Droppings October 31, 2019 The Journey Part 2   I had the opportunity to visit and observe in a class room many years ago. To actually visit and see this particular class had been a dream of mine for some time. I have been a fan of Foxfire for many years since I first […]

  • Walking along the way in my own journey

    Bird Droppings October 30, 2019 Walking along the way in my own journey   As I think back over who I am as a teacher and as a person I often wonder as to how I came to be the way I am and why do I take such a differing outlook than so many […]

  • Why would some rather send a photo than write?

    Bird Droppings October 29, 2019 Why would some rather send a photo than write?   “Experience is not what happens to a man; it is what a man does with what happens to him.” Aldus Huxley   In 1965 I was introduced to this author in a tenth grade English Class. The book was Brave […]

  • Having a heart

    Bird Droppings October 28, 2019 Having a heart   It is chilly outside but still not bad here in northeast Georgia. The temperatures hanging in low to mid-fifties and going up t near eighty today, still summer.  There is still a week or two till we are off from school for Thanksgiving and fall break. […]

  • Education often draws from NOW

    Bird Droppings October 26, 2019 Education often draws from NOW   A few years ago, a teacher offered to me a book on curriculum or so she said “Dumbing down of America” by Dr. Samuel Blumenfeld. It has been a few months since I picked this book off the shelf while reading various books at […]

  • Within the circle of life a new life coming

    Bird Droppings October 25, 2019 Within the circle of life a new life coming   I have wandered many miles emotionally, psychologically and spiritually the past few days. After being down physically for sixteen weeks limited to a hard cast from my leg injury it was removed yesterday and my adrenalin seriously kicked in. My […]

  • All is connected and intertwined

    Bird Droppings October 24, 2019 All is connected and intertwined   As I thought about the Sydney J. Harris passage below and sat here waiting to go to my orthopedic doctor to hopefully get out of this hard cast, something hit me. Standing on my front porch as I faced east towards the rising sun […]

  • Do we build doors or walls?

    Bird Droppings October 23, 2019 Do we build doors or walls?   I enjoy arriving at school while the stars are still shining overhead something about the darkness is peaceful for me. I can remember when my youngest would ride to school with me; he is not quite as big a fan of mornings and […]

  • Sometimes it takes an inner journey to help others

    Bird Droppings October 22, 2019 Sometimes it takes an inner journey to help others   It has been several months that I have focused on my own issues and problems and often let others problems drift by the wayside. Being somewhat immobile with a non-walking cast presents physical and psychological dilemmas. I have been there […]

  • Can we change things?

    Bird Droppings October 21, 2019 Can we change things?   “Therefore, the shortage of effective teachers is not a problem that can be solved by a new structure. It is caused by how we train and manage teachers, and can only be solved by improving the way we do this, no matter what the structure […]