Month: April 2020

  • It is not always all in a name

    Bird Droppings April 29, 2020 It is not always all in a name On February 3, 2003, I officially started calling daily emailing and journaling Bird Droppings. I went back in my files and pulled up a few old thoughts and ideas. Along with my new name in 2003 some other bits and pieces as […]

  • A rock flower and song

    Bird Droppings April 28, 2020 A rock flower and song   A journey begins with a step and apathy begins with turning your back and saying I don’t care. Before we left school for the virus I had my last IEP of the year. I recall my laptop was acting weirder than normal and all […]

  • Driving up a mountain takes considerable effort

    Bird Droppings April 27, 2020 Driving up a mountain takes considerable effort   I am looking forward to another trip to Black Rock Mountain in North Georgia, the site of the Foxfire Museum property. In the past, the site was used as a focus of Piedmont College’s teacher’s class in The Foxfire Approach to teaching. […]

  • Using Pronouns

    Bird Droppings April 26, 2020 Using Pronouns   It was one of those days yesterday and a word caught my attention as I was listening to a friend talk. The word was them. I never realized the extent of prejudice till a pronoun was used. Such words as they, them, or those people never were […]

  • Are you a Weginahsa?

    Bird Droppings April 23, 2020 Are you a Weginahsa?   “The work of a teacher – exhausting, complex, idiosyncratic, never twice the same – is at its heart, an intellectual and ethical enterprise. Teaching is the vocation of vocations, a calling that shepherds a multitude of other callings. It is an activity that is intensely […]

  • Can we find truth in an untruthful world?

    Bird Droppings April 10, 2019 Can we find truth in an untruthful world?   I went back to a book again for the third or fourth time, a book titled; Every day is a good day: Reflections by Contemporary Indigenous women, by the late Wilma Mankiller. Mankiller was the past Chief of The Cherokee Nation […]

  • Pondering and thinking about the lyrics from an old friend

    Bird Droppings April 21, 2020 Pondering and thinking about the lyrics from an old friend   Back in the “normal” days, I stood in line behind a young man in his mid-thirties and I assume his wife at a BBQ place at Stone Mountain Park. I know we can argue it is a memorial to […]

  • Making a difference each day

    Bird Droppings April 20, 2020 Making a difference each day   “Dialogue is the encounter between men, mediated by the world, in order to name the world” Paulo Freire   A Brazilian educationalist and one of the most influential thinkers of the late twentieth century made famous the term dialogue in his writing. As I […]

  • I detest shopping but I really like Kroger

    Bird Droppings April 19, 2020 I detest shopping but I really like Kroger   About three years back I spent nearly a week of using ice packs as heat extractors for my computer until getting the fan fixed. It was interesting I had two thoughts while similar that came to me this morning as I […]

  • Watching a hawk fly by

    Bird Droppings April 18, 2020 Watching a hawk fly by   For the first time in my teaching in public school nearly twenty years I am not required to teach to the test. Got me thinking back a few years. I have over the years attended numerous track meets. I would take a few photos […]