Month: November 2020

  • Teachers need to consult their hearts

    Bird Droppings November 29, 2020 Teachers need to consult their hearts I was amazed walking out this morning to the car and 55 degrees and a few frogs still chirping away. We have had several days off with the holiday and I was lazier than I had planned. I was going through some research material […]

  • Listening to a philosopher

    Bird Droppings November 26, 2020 Listening to a philosopher The day started with rain and as we went out to the store it shifted clouds were pushed aside and sunshine poked through. A beautiful sky this morning as I walked out and not too cold which is surprising as the sky was clear. I cannot […]

  • Perhaps I had a vision walking in moonlight

    Bird Droppings November 25, 2020Perhaps I had a vision walking in moonlight As I walked out in the morning cool today, the sky was hidden in clouds. There was a sense of light about as I stood looking around, thinking as I do every morning. I will ponder my day and the week ahead even […]

  • Venting a bit on a Tuesday Morning

    Bird Droppings November 24, 2020 Venting a bit on a Tuesday Morning I was slack with my daily journaling over the past two weeks. I have written for five days straight so far to make up. Yesterday I read several alarming posts on friend’s pages on Facebook and on internet news sites. I followed links […]

  • So many thoughts for one day

    Bird Droppings November 23, 2020So many thoughts for one day I believe I was prepared from childhood to discuss this topic. It has been many years since my first introduction to American Indians. I was three or four years old when I first remember my father’s stories of Little Strong Arm and Black Eagle. The […]

  • Families and Friends

    Bird Droppings November 22, 2020Families and Friends The holidays are getting here soon, this holiday will be different and turkey day might be less crowded, Pat and I were just talking might be first in forty-three years we had Thanksgiving alone. This semester of graduate school is ending. My grandkids all have a week off […]

  • Trying to understand giving thanks, war and teaching

    Bird Droppings November 21, 2020Trying to understand giving thanks, war and teaching I had a difficult time sleeping due to walking so much the past two days and my leg swelling. When I got up and started to walk around and downed a large mug of mate and black tea my head started to clear […]

  • While deadly a spider spins to survive

    Bird Droppings November 20, 2020While deadly a spider spins to survive “When Peter pulled his sword and attacked the Roman soldier he was told to put it away and his boss turned to the injured soldier and healed his ear but that was before Christianity” Frank Bird Ed.S. D.D. Every other Facebook post is about […]

  • A look at essential Bird Pedagogy

    Bird Droppings November 19, 2020 A look at essential Bird Pedagogy It was almost nine years ago I was reading an article an interview with Arne Duncan, the former Secretary of Education. Considering the impact COVID 19 has had on high school and college sports these thoughts are interesting. I selected a few choice quotes […]

  • Bird Droppings November 23, 2019Life is raw material Morning is a special time a beginning I am always questioned why I get up so early. My response is to get a great start to the day. It used to be special as one of the first things was taking the dog out and talking with […]