Month: April 2022

  • Should we sharpen the machete or bring a shovel?

    Bird Droppings April 29 & 30, 2022Should we sharpen the machete or bring a shovel? I have been reflecting over the concept of critical pedagogy and in that reflection, I recall an incident nearly forty years ago that calls to mind my own interpretation and understanding of what we as teachers are all about. I […]

  • A rock flower and song

    Bird Droppings April 28, 2022A rock flower and song A journey begins with a step, and apathy begins with turning your back and saying I don’t care. Before we left school for the virus last year, I had my last IEP. I recall my laptop was acting weirder than usual, and all of my school […]

  • Driving up a mountain takes considerable effort.

    Bird Droppings April 27, 2022Driving up a mountain takes considerable effort. I am looking forward to another trip to Black Rock Mountain in North Georgia, the site of the Foxfire Museum property. In the past, the site was used as a focus of Piedmont College’s teacher’s class in The Foxfire Approach to teaching. My oldest […]

  • Unwoke folks used Pronouns first

    Bird Droppings April 26, 2022Unwoke folks used Pronouns first One of those days yesterday, and a word caught my attention as I was listening to a friend talk. The word was them. I never realized the extent of prejudice till a pronoun was used. Such words as they, them, or those people never were a […]

  • I was quietly listening to Hot Tuna and pondering the word inspiration.

    Bird Droppings April 25, 2022I was quietly listening to Hot Tuna and pondering the word inspiration. It has been some time since I was made aware of Hot Tuna’s band. Sitting here listening to their music takes me back to 1973 or 4 in Macon, Georgia, and the fellow I went to school with. We […]

  • Eating some leftover chicken parmesan and thinking about the circle of life

    Bird Droppings April 22, 2022 Eating some leftover chicken parmesan and thinking about the circle of life A couple of days ago, I made a huge pan of chicken parmesan and had plenty of leftovers. So I am sitting at my computer working on my Birddroppings and dissertation, eating some. Several things have led me […]

  • Can we find Truth in an untruthful world?

    Bird Droppings April 21, 2022Can we find Truth in an untruthful world? For the third or fourth time, I reread a book titled; Every day is a good day: Reflections by Contemporary Indigenous women by the late Wilma Mankiller. Mankiller was the past Chief of The Cherokee Nation and a Native American Activist, author, lecturer, […]

  • Pondering and thinking about the lyrics from an old friend

    Bird Droppings April 20, 2022Pondering and thinking about the lyrics from an old friend Back in the “normal” days, I stood in line behind a young man in his mid-thirties, and I assumed his wife at a BBQ place at Stone Mountain Park. I know we can argue it is a memorial to the South […]

  • Bird Droppings April 19, 2022 Making a difference each day “Dialogue is the encounter between men, mediated by the world, in order to name the world” Paulo Freire A Brazilian educationalist and one of the most influential thinkers of the late twentieth century made famous the term dialogue in his writing. As I read a […]

  • I’m not too fond of shopping, but I like Kroger

    Bird Droppings April 18, 2022I’m not too fond of shopping, but I like Kroger About five years back, I spent nearly a week using ice packs as heat extractors for my computer until getting the fan fixed. It was interesting. I had two similar thoughts that came to me this morning as I started the […]