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  • Looking for the simplicity

    Bird Droppings December 15, 2011 Looking for the simplicity My reading and writing has taken a beating with the getting ready for the end of the semester and four day jaunt to a wedding in South Carolina and babysitting my granddaughter (actually a lot of fun). Of course nothing would have stopped me from spending […]

  • Can we demand or should we earn respect?

    Bird Droppings December 14, 2011 Can we demand or should we earn respect?   Nearing the middle of a month and with a New Year coming, it seems spring is only a few days away. A few Saturday’s back was an interesting day as I ran my errands. As it happens often, I ended up […]

  • Words can be significant and or meaningless

    Bird Droppings December 13, 2011 Words can be significant and or meaningless               So often when we open our mouths to speak do we really think about what it is we are going to say it sort of just spills out. Occasionally we wonder I wish I could have held on to that word […]