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  • Listening with the heart

    Bird Droppings May 24, 2011 Listening with the heart So often in life we tend to hear words we rationalize those utterances and develop an opinion and then logically state a response. Sitting discussing existentialism with my grand daughter last night as she coos and babbles trying her best to formulate words her emotions however […]

  • Children Learn what they Live

    Bird Droppings May 20, 2011 Children Learn what they Live It is such a beautiful morning and quiet out side, I had the opportunity to sit and meditate for nearly an hour under the full moon today. I took our dog out and the air was still and nearly silent however the quiet and sounds […]

  • Empathy; Do we have it?

    Droppings May 15, 2011 Empathy; do we all have it? “The capacity for consciousness of ourselves gives us the ability to see ourselves as others see us and to have empathy with others. It underlies our remarkable capacity to transport ourselves into someone else’s parlor where we will be in reality next week, and then […]

  • Trying to find topsoil midst an erosion of soul

    Bird Droppings April 15, 2011 Trying to find topsoil midst an erosion of soul “To be rooted is perhaps the most important and least recognized need of the human soul.” Simone Weil, The Need for Roots I saw this idea this morning as I was scrolling through thoughts saved over the days and the concept […]

  • Caring is a very precious commodity in teaching

    Bird Droppings January 9, 2011 Caring is a very precious commodity in teaching As I am pondering my last hours before the holiday is over. The air temperature is nineteen outside and we are under a winter storm watch tonight through Tuesday morning. The anticipation of several inches of snow and up to a half […]