Tag: Confucius

  • Honesty as Policy

    Bird droppings August 5, 2011 Honesty as Policy I walked out to a very still and quiet morning around two thirty this morning. Being my official first day back to school (work) I looked for a smiling moon sort of a good luck charm to no avail. I would use this reference to a moon […]

  • Walking and Listening among the Cotton Woods

    Bird Droppings August 4, 2011 Walking and listening among the Cotton Woods I walked outside earlier as I took our infamous dog Lil Girl out for her morning constitutional. The sky was overcast this morning with a mist of rain falling and wisps of fog scattered about on the warm earth were visible. Over the […]

  • Trying to find topsoil midst an erosion of soul

    Bird Droppings April 15, 2011 Trying to find topsoil midst an erosion of soul β€œTo be rooted is perhaps the most important and least recognized need of the human soul.” Simone Weil, The Need for Roots I saw this idea this morning as I was scrolling through thoughts saved over the days and the concept […]

  • Searching for knowledge

    Bird Droppings March 9, 2011 Searching for knowledge How do we as teachers and parents convey knowledge to our students and children? It could be said that by following the established curriculum guides and maps and doing what is expected of a high school student you will learn this material as indicated. I think my […]