Tag: Dr. James H. Stronge

  • Digging for gold

    Bird Droppings January 7, 2012 Digging for gold   “You have to drill through mud and water to get oil; you have to sift through sand and silt to get gold; you have to chop and hack through stone to get diamonds. So why do so many people feel that the treasure of ideas should […]

  • Caring: A very precious commodity in teaching

    Bird Droppings January 6, 2012 Caring: A very precious commodity in teaching                   As I am pondering my last minutes before the school day starts. The air temperature is warming again outside and we are under a thinking its spring again weather watch tonight through next week. The anticipation of some rain and warm […]

  • Getting the passion back

    Bird Droppings January 5, 2012 Getting the passion back   When I walked outside earlier to take our Westie for her morning bathroom break I was greeted with a near full moon, well maybe a half moon and a crystal clear sky filled with stars. Thinking to myself I said thank you for being alive […]

  • Looking at the reflection beyond a mirror

    Bird Droppings January 4, 2012 Looking at the reflection beyond a mirror   I was looking over again a book this morning “Qualities of an effective teacher” by Dr. James H. Stronge, Professor in Educational Policy, Planning, and leadership at theCollegeofWilliamand Mary,WilliamsburgVirginia. Stronge looked at students and how various aspects of a teacher’s involvement effect […]