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  • In a world of data can we still use intuition?

    Bird Droppings October 31, 2014 In a world of data can we still use intuition? I mentioned to a fellow teacher I can tell when a child has emotional issues most of the time after observing a few minutes and listening. Granted observations are part of most evaluations but I was referring to an intuitive […]

  • Just a morning observation

    Bird Droppings October 30, 2014 Just a morning observation “I do not write from mythology when I reflect upon Native American spirituality in this book. In my own opinion, mythology leads to superstition; and superstition has proved fatally destruction to many millions down through time. It is ironic, then that Dominant Society accuses Native practices […]

  • All about how you feed the wolves

    Bird Droppings October 29, 2014 All about how you feed the wolves I walked outside very early this morning to a sky filled with stars and wisps of clouds floating by. Crickets were almost silent chirping slowly in the cool weather. My morning started long before sunrise today and the sounds as I walked to […]

  • Do we build doors or walls?

    Bird Droppings October 28, 2014 Do we build doors or walls? I enjoy arriving at school while the stars are still shining overhead something about the darkness is peaceful for me. I can remember when my youngest would ride to school with me; he is not quite as big a fan of mornings and pre-sunrise […]

  • Searching for answers in reflection and thought

    Bird Droppings October 27, 2014 Searching for answers in reflection and thought Yesterday I was wished a happy birthday by a friend on Facebook and it got me thinking a week ahead that soon I would be another year older. Yesterday was not my birthday and it is coming up far too soon. As I […]

  • Having heart and kissing frogs

    Bird Droppings October 24, 2014 Having heart and kissing frogs It is chilly out in northeast Georgia with nighttime temperatures still hanging in the high forties or low fifties but rumor of a near frost hanging out there. Many of us gardeners are bringing plants in. We have still a couple more weeks till we […]

  • Should we look within to who we really are?

    Bird Droppings October 23, 2014 Should we look within to who we really are? Amazing what a day or two out of routine will do. I actually did not get on my computer and do anything of a writing sort yesterday knowing with the rest of the coming week off I would be writing in […]

  • Can we find democracy in the classroom?

    Bird Droppings October 21, 2014 Can we find democracy in the classroom? “There can never be peace between nations until there is first known that true peace which is within the souls of men.” Black Elk, Medicine man and spiritual leader Oglala Lakota A year ago today I was still recovering from a medical procedure […]

  • How do we find democracy?

    Bird Droppings October 20-21, 2010 How do we find democracy? I often wonder why we have a dog last night was one of those as raced to get to the vet to pick our dog up after being boarded while we were in Florida. I some how hit every red light and every small batch […]