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  • Where do we find happiness?

    Bird Droppings December 25, 2011 Where do we find happiness?   Within the spirit of our holiday season as I checked my various blogs, emails and social networking sites early this morning and I found an overabundance of “I got’s” and few “I gave’s”. Scattered earlier were a few of parents waking up with small […]

  • Trying to find topsoil midst an erosion of soul

    Bird Droppings December 24, 2011 Trying to find topsoil midst an erosion of soul   “To be rooted is perhaps the most important and least recognized need of the human soul.” Simone Weil   “The need for roots,” I saw this idea earlier as I web surfed thinking and pondering this morning or perhaps as […]

  • Waiting for miracles

    Bird Droppings December 21, 2011 Waiting for a miracle   Miracle is a word used often by people of faith. It is an explanation for things that happen with no apparent cause and or rationale. It seems we all sit waiting for miracles perhaps waiting for that solution to pop up, to show its self […]

  • Possibilities

    Bird Droppings December 20, 2011 Possibilities “Life has no limitations, except the ones you make.” Les Brown I was sitting talking with one of my sons yesterday remembering when I was their age. I should say trying to remember when I was their age that would be more appropriate. It has been a few days […]

  • What we know

    Bird Droppings December 19, 2011 What we know   “The world cares very little about what a man or woman knows; it is what a man or woman is able to do that counts.” Booker T. Washington   It has been a few days since I received an email containing a letter from a well-known […]

  • Telling our grandchildren

    Bird Droppings December 18, 2011 Telling our grand children “I wanted to give something of my past to my grandson. So I took him into the woods, to a quiet spot. Seated at my feet he listened as I told him of the powers that were given to each creature. He moved not a muscle […]

  • Searching for and finally placing puzzle pieces in specified places

    Bird Droppings December 16, 2011 Searching for and finally placing puzzle pieces in specified places   “In order to learn the nature of the myriad things, you must know that although they may look round or square, the other features of oceans and mountains are infinite in variety; whole worlds are there. It is so […]

  • Looking for the simplicity

    Bird Droppings December 15, 2011 Looking for the simplicity My reading and writing has taken a beating with the getting ready for the end of the semester and four day jaunt to a wedding in South Carolina and babysitting my granddaughter (actually a lot of fun). Of course nothing would have stopped me from spending […]

  • Ognorance versus the journey

    Bird Droppings August 9, 2010 Ignorance versus the journey “If I want to justify my existence, and continue to be obsessed with the notion that I’ve got to do something for humanity — well, teaching ought to quell that obsession — and if I can ever get around to an intelligent view of matters, intelligent […]