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  • Teachers! We should always be near the edge.

    Bird Droppings March 26, 2018 Teachers! We should always be near the edge.   I recall taking groups hiking in North Georgia and always there is that one person who has to be at the edge of a gorge or edge of the trail dropping two hundred feet down looking over and nearly falling. A […]

  • Can we find answers to our questions?

    Bird Droppings March 25, 2018 Can we find answers to our questions?   Several years ago I would have said there were answers to almost any question that could be asked. Today sitting here I wonder granted first you have to ask what is the question or questions but I have a different attitude now […]

  • Seeking perfection in a world full of mud

    Bird Droppings March 24, 2018 Seeking perfection in a world full of mud “I have found there are those who can write and speak fluently and yet do not have anything to say and then there are those who have something to say who may not be so fluent. The big question is who do, […]

  • Inability of surmounting learning difficulties

    Bird Droppings March 23, 2018 Inability of surmounting learning difficulties   It has been a few days since my last post. I have been extremely occupied with surgery Tuesday and recovering past few days. Last week I had several doctor appointments, ultrasounds, blood work, and more doctors made it a crazy week. It seems my […]

  • Religion is what you make of it

    Bird Droppings March 21, 2018 Religion is what you make of it   “A poor devotee points to the sky and says, ‘God is up there.’ An average devotee says, ‘God dwells in the heart as the Inner Master.’ The best devotee says, ‘God alone is and everything I perceive is a form of God.’” […]

  • Trying to find a window can be a chore if you do not know where to look

    Bird Droppings February 26, 2018 Trying to find a window can be a chore if you do not know where to look   I woke up very early today as our dog was barking to go out. I walked out on my back porch only to catch a glimpse of the rain falling along the […]

  • What is a students desire for freedom?

    Bird Droppings February 24, 2018 What is a students desire for freedom?   “Brute force, no matter how strongly applied, can never subdue the basic human desire for freedom and dignity. It is not enough, as communist systems have assumed, merely to provide people with food, shelter and clothing. Human nature needs to breathe the […]

  • A series of paradoxes and bewilderment

    Bird Droppings February 21, 2018 A series of paradoxes and bewilderment   I received the following in an email several months ago. A friend of mine sent it out and as I read the first time it was humorous. However as I pondered then as a teacher I read deeper into what was being said. […]

  • Wandering about while I am waiting

    Bird Droppings February 19, 2018 Wandering about while I am waiting   Sitting listening to Crosby, Stills, and Nash and Young album Four Way Street from live recording of their tour in 1970. I have been saving my pennies to get a new camera body to be ready for spring. There are so many possibilities […]

  • An owl calling

    Bird Droppings February 16, 2018 An owl calling   Last night I woke for a few minutes as it turns out I forgot to turn on the ceiling fan. While up I stuck my nose out the door perhaps intuition who knows when wandering about the house half asleep. Deep in the pines an owl […]