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  • Can teachers use learning as their pallet?

    Bird Droppings December 31, 2013 Can teachers use learning as their pallet? I wrote the basics of this article nearly ten years ago and at the time was thinking of an artist friend who was trying to define her art as well as searching for her own meaning in life. My friend often reflects her […]

  • Setting an example is such a simple lesson plan

    Bird Droppings December 30, 2013 Setting an example is such a simple lesson plan “We taught our children by both example and instruction, but with an emphasis on example, because all learning is a dead language to one who gets it second hand.” Kent Nerburn, The Wisdom of the Native Americans I have over the […]

  • Where is the passion?

    Bird Droppings December 27, 2013 Where is the passion? I was sitting facing a rising sun thankful for a new day. It was ironic as I was sitting on an overturned five gallon plastic bucket next to a small circle of smooth river rocks facing east, listening to mockingbird chattering away in the dawn light […]

  • Understanding the symbols of life

    Bird Droppings December 27, 2013 Understanding the symbols of life “Symbols express and represent meaning. Meaning helps provide purpose and understanding in the lives of human beings. Indeed to live without symbols is to experience existence far short of its full meaning. Ways of expressing and representing meaning include the symbol systems of mathematics, spoke […]

  • Sitting, wondering, pondering and dishwashing

    Bird Droppings December 23, 2013 Sitting, wondering, pondering and dishwashing So often we take our technology for granted. It has been about six years since we moved into this house and a new dishwasher. About a year ago the drain pump went out and it decided to die on us. In thirty four years of […]

  • Waiting for a miracle

    Bird Droppings December 22, 2013 Waiting for a miracle Miracle is a word used often by people of faith. It is an explanation for things that happen with no apparent cause and or rationale. It seems we all sit waiting for miracles perhaps waiting for that solution to pop up, to show its self and […]

  • What of life?

    Bird Droppings December 18, 2013 What of life? Morning is a special time a beginning of sorts for each day. For me several aspects of taking the dog out, sitting down, writing and reading have in many ways become a significant part of my day. I walked out this morning and felt the coldness of […]

  • What do we really know?

    Bird Droppings December 17, 2013 What do we really know? “Teachers are one of the most important resources a nation has for providing the skills, values and knowledge that prepare young people for productive citizenship – but more than this, to give sanctuary to their dreams and aspirations for a future of hope, dignity and […]

  • Being patient

    Bird Droppings December 16, 2013 Being patient I find the end of a semester both exciting and sad at the same time. There are students who I will see every day coming by my room and others possibly never again as in a large high school it is easy to remain hidden away if you […]

  • Reading your own view sometimes offers a clue

    Bird Droppings December 15 2013 Reading your own view sometimes offers a clue After thirty five years of marriage tomorrow it seems almost like day one. Every day and each day keeps getting better. Periodically over the past years I would receive at some odd hour of the night and or morning a paper to […]