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  • Why do we even have public education?

    Bird Droppings December 12, 2011 Why do we even have public education?   “Instead of seeing these children for the blessings that they are, we are measuring them only by the standard of whether they will be future deficits or assets for our nation’s competitive needs.”  Jonathan Kozol               On the front page of […]

  • What could be more sacred than life itself?

    Bird Droppings November 1, 2011 What could be more sacred than life itself? Perhaps having been born on All Saints Day in St. Joseph’s Hospital gives me a better insight into the sacred than most normal folk. Of course then I have to consider that soon after I was born the Church dropped All Saints […]

  • Healing is in all of us

    Bird Droppings July 10, 2011 Healing is in all of us “The first fact that distinguishes the human species from all others is that we are born too soon. We arrive incapable of taking care of ourselves for something like fifteen years.” Joseph Campbell, Pathways to bliss, 2004 It is so easy to get up […]

  • Ognorance versus the journey

    Bird Droppings August 9, 2010 Ignorance versus the journey “If I want to justify my existence, and continue to be obsessed with the notion that I’ve got to do something for humanity — well, teaching ought to quell that obsession — and if I can ever get around to an intelligent view of matters, intelligent […]