Tag: Samuel Johnson

  • Do more than belonging

    Bird Droppings December 4, 2011 Do more than belonging   It has been quite a while since I was unable to walk out first thing in the morning whether weather or being lazy it was not a good morning to venture out and I think the dog knew it as well and slept in. A […]

  • How do we measure a man or woman?

    Bird Droppings July 19, 2011 How do we measure a man or woman? So many times in life over the years I have seen and heard others talk of others both good and bad. In a high school rumors run rampant literally all the time. Gossip is a way of communicating for teenagers I believe. […]

  • Sometimes we get to close to the edge

    Bird Droppings April 19, 2011 Sometimes we get to close to the edge I recall taking groups hiking in North Georgia and always there is that one person who has to be at the edge of a gorge or edge of the trail dropping two hundred feet down looking over and nearly falling. Maybe they […]