Tag: The Foxfire Approach

  • Can we lend another ear?

    Bird Droppings May 14, 2012 Can we lend another ear?   “Hearing is one of the body’s five senses. But listening is an art.” Frank Tyger   After trying to find out who is Frank Tyger I have to resolve that I still do not know but I like the quote. Many years ago I […]

  • Finding Foxfire in the Kalahari

    Bird Droppings May 13, 2012 Finding Foxfire in the Kalahari   “Not only the present, but the future depends on a constant reinterpretation of history and a re-examination of the state and nature of human consciousness. Both these processes are profoundly and mysteriously interdependent and doomed to failure without a continuous search after self-knowledge, since […]

  • Looking for the passion in life

    Bird Droppings May 12, 2012 Looking for the passion in life “All games have an important and probably decisive influence on the destinies of the players under ordinary social conditions; but some offer more opportunities than others for life long careers and are more likely to involve innocent bystanders.” Dr. Eric Berne, The games people […]

  • I write for teachers who choose to see through new eyes

    Bird Droppings May 11, 2012 I write for teachers who choose to see through new eyes   “The way I see it, if you want the rainbow, you gotta put up with the rain.” Dolly Parton   It has been nearly seven years since we last moved and seems we might stay here a while. […]

  • Looking for and clearing a pathway

    Bird Droppings May 10, 2012 Looking for and clearing a pathway “I arise in the morning torn between a desire to improve the world and a desire to enjoy the world.  This makes it hard to plan the day.” Elwyn Brooks White Often I reflect on the journey of life and the many directions I […]

  • Teach by doing and living

    Bird Droppings May 9, 2012 Teach by doing and living   I have been reading, printing out articles and writing quite extensively over the past few days. Actually for at least a few days more like we are into only eight left now till summer break and serious writing time. Sadly my brain feels like […]

  • Breathe a sigh of relieve

    Bird Droppings May 8, 2012 Breathe a sigh of relieve   Officially there are eight days of school left and another year of teaching will have come to fruition. It has sped by with so many events to try and recall and understand that on some mornings I am baffled as to how to unravel […]

  • If you fall down then stand up!

    Bird Droppings May 7, 2012 If you fall down then stand up!   It is was nearing spring break just a few weeks ago and many students simply quit trying, saying such things as they walked around school such as I am passing I do not need to try any more. It really got me […]

  • Setting life on cruise control

    Bird Droppings May 6, 2012 Setting life on cruise control   I was driving to Athens a few days ago to pick up a couple more books seems like a never ending effort to find books and then read sort of devouring books lately. I have four different books on going set around the house […]

  • Acceptance is often getting over fears

    Bird Droppings May 4, 2012 Acceptance is often getting over fears   As I stepped outside into an almost wet morning the rain had passed by all too quickly last night but the humidity hung in the air and the grass was like walking on a sponge soggy and wet. I was thinking of one […]