Pondering more as always

Bird Droppings December 29, 2009
Pondering more as always

I was reading an old Sunday Atlanta Journal Constitution article I found an editorial entitled “A one-word explanation? Try greed”, by Editor Joe Bookman. Several lines bothered me and seriously got me pondering after a holiday weekend. Perhaps it is appropriate to consider greed at this time of year when the focus is on giving and yet the underlying focus is truly on how much we have spent which is where greed under lies.

“The secret to capitalism’s success is its ability to take one of mankind’s most powerful emotions – greed – and harness that emotion to drive economic progress. By greedily pursuing our own individual self interests, the theory goes; each of us contributes almost accidentally to greater prosperity for all.” Jay Bookman, AJC

As I read further and thought seriously about how it is our own selfishness that drives capitalism and the economy it concerned me. Thinking back to Karl Marx’s writing of eventually those at the bottom will rise up and take over and yesterday various stars were showing off their new Bentley coupes, jewels and trappings they received for Christmas. Perhaps it is the excess that bothers me.

“Capitalism works by getting the best out of greed; it fails when we let greed get the best of us.” Jay Bookman, AJC

As I thought further about economics it made sense someone near the top of the economic ladder simply pushes till the envelope is full and then either finds another envelope or allows the first one to implode. I was thinking of all of the financiers on Wall Street who paid themselves huge bonuses for failing companies and we the American tax payers bailed them out so they can get their bonuses again. I wonder could I do without all of the conveniences of the modern world and the capitalism. Perhaps it has been seeing Avatar and Jeremiah Johnson all in a week and wondering if a simpler life might be better. However being in a government position it might be hard since taxes essentially pay my salary as a teacher as well. So I had room for thought this morning.

“Inspiration exists, but it has to find you working.” Pablo Picasso

“Everywhere is the treasury of endless capacities …. Everywhere is not everywhere; it is called everywhere.” Hui-k’ung

“I urge you not to throw away time, for it’s swift as an arrow, fast as a stream. Distraction is entirely due to lack of concentration; stupidity and blindness are caused by lack of true knowledge.” Yung-Ming

“Let all thoughts be thoughts of noble progress, for then even failing cannot be called a failure.” Tirukkural

“It is important not to have the unrealistic expectation that we will find a magic key to help get rid of all suffering. It takes determination, patience, and more than one week. “Dalai Llama

Today being lazy from the holiday, way too much food, sleeping later than normal and concerned I borrowed a few thoughts from my files indirectly similar and deep so I could ponder a few more moments. Over the past few years I have been really quite intrigued with the writings of The Dalai Llama and his thoughts. His ideas circumvent religion and go toward humanity in that we are so often seeking solutions to life’s trials now as he says it will take, “more than one week”. Perhaps I am too anxious to see solutions to issues that have been within mankind for thousands of years and still are being resolved. I ponder and wonder and I may take a walk since I still have a few days left in my holiday break. Please as you go about your day think a little beyond yourself and have a great rest of this new week and keep all in harms way on your mind and in your hearts.

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