A new morning

Bird Droppings August 20, 2010
A new morning

It was a strange evening being home alone for a few moments yesterday my sons left for Daytona Beach for a National Reptile Show. They called of course confirming their arrival and as I walked our dog out remembered we had our first softball game coming up and I headed back to school. I am still recovering from my summer vacation and trying to get my mind and body back in sync. Last night I started thinking about a year or two ago when I drove my son down to Macon Georgia to his dorm room and even carried about three thousand pounds of freshly cleaned laundry to the door. When I returned home just before dark the sounds of the evening were humming, whistling, hooting, chirping and barking louder than any other time I can recall at our house this year. Last night as I came home from the softball game I was reminded as the owls, coyotes, tree frogs, crickets and every other creature imaginable was out still going strong into the early morning. Just a few minutes ago through it all the additional sounds of rain dripping on the trees a lone owl hooted.
We received out list late yesterday afternoon for this year’s testing dates. In a month or so we will be doing the Georgia High School Graduation testing for all juniors in order to graduate with a regular education diploma. I wonder about the usefulness of such endeavors, but it is a requirement mandated by federal law. I have a little book “Teachers Little book of Wisdom” that I found on one of excursions into the vastness of Borders or Barnes and Noble which ever it may have been. Seldom do I come out without reading material or at least an idea. Bob Alogozzine is the author/editor of this little tome. Bob is someone who ended up in teaching. With an economics degree and a need for Special Education teachers he ended up by chance in teaching. This little book is 365 statements about teaching sort of a thought for each day.

“Teach them the difference between things that need doing better than they have been done before, things that just need doing, and things that don’t need to be done at all.” Bob Alogozzine

It is not just about math or science, there is an aspect of life in each day we walk into a room or see another person. Teaching is not simply a job done by a teacher it is a piece of everyone’s existence. Obviously, parents teach from day one. Friends teach or they are truly not friends and some of us who choose to be in a class room teach there as well. But as I read this little thought how wonderful an idea, not about learning calculus for the big test, but doing better than has been done before.
Each of us needs to look at life that way. Do today better than any other day before. I recall a day when I was picking blue berries and it was hot out, we nearly stopped several times but we kept on and you know when I finish writing today I will throw some big blueberries on my cereal and milk. It seems blueberries freeze well and always good to break open a few before the new crop is in. We planted several blueberry bushes over the last years and all had a few berries this year. We did not have enough off our small bushes for much more than a few handfuls but we still can go to the picking patch and fill some gallon jugs when they come in season.
Life is moving in so many directions as I read the news today, we here in the south just were hit with several tornadoes and storms through the night. On that trip a few years back coming back from Macon Ga., I drove through a stretch just hit by three inches of hail it looked as if it had snowed. The temperature dropped from 73 to 53 in only a few hundred feet. On the news Tibet, Iraq, Iran, and many other areas that are in the throws of or in a state of war. I wish somehow borrowing from an Eric Clapton and J.J. Cale song I listened to over driving my sons truck last night, We could live in peace. Maybe then one day soon I can stop ending my emails with this line, please keep all in harms way on your mind and in your hearts.

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