So many are confused by religion

Bird Droppings February 20, 2011
So many are confused by religion

But as I sit here today thinking and wondering about all that is I am recalling last night involved in a blog discussion on religion which was interesting. There are so many views and ideas many intellectualized and quantified and stratified. It seems everyone has their own view which in and of its self is good. The concept of faith is an individual thing. It has been some time since I walked several miles each morning with a good friend who at the time was in seminary discussing his views my views and classes he was taking in seminary at that time. There is a push in Georgia to include the Old and New Testament in public schools as a high school class and actually already a very structured guideline had been generated.
But how many teachers could teach it purely as literature, as a book, and not delve into faith and belief that will be the deciding factor. It would take an unbiased teacher to teach this course of study so as to not become a religion class and that is a difficult road. But then again why not offer the Qumran, Rig Vedas, and other considered holy texts in a similar course. Odds are great those will never come up in Georgia’s legislator.

“Everyone has the right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion; this right includes freedom to change his religion or belief, and freedom, either alone or in community with others and in public or private, to manifest his religion or belief in teaching, practice, worship, and observance.” The Definition of freedom of religion as per The Universal Declaration of Human Rights adopted by the 58 Member States of the United Nations General Assembly

Yet we persist in missionary work and trying to convert others. Not only here in the United States, but it seems almost biological that humans as a species want everyone to believe the same things. It must be engrained in our DNA which some believers would denies exists at all anyhow. So I went out in my back yard and sat meditating and thinking about the day ahead and seeing all the beginnings of leaves and dogwood flowers. My dog seems to like just sniffing along the porch might be chipmunks or voles again. I thought about our founding fathers many of whom contrary to popular believe were humanists and or deists.

“One of the embarrassing problems for the nineteenth-century champions of the Christian faith was the fact that NOT ONE of the first six presidents of the United States was a Christian. They were Deists.” THE ENCYCLOPEDIA BRITANNICA, 1968, vol.2, p.420,

This is no attempt to dissuade thinking but in a time when religion is influencing our national direction more so than in many previous periods and often at the sake of science and of humanity as a whole and more often than not for profit and power. Cuts to the federal and even state budgets are not items to benefit the people but industry and profits. Amazing as we are using religion as the manipulative tool to pull it all together even preaching from local pulpits that global warming is a hoax. We need to look beyond the religiosity presented to where does this put us in ten years or twenty. We are increasing pollution and destroying wilderness more so than in any era of modern history and allowing companies to pollute more and big businesses to reap profits beyond wall streets expectations all at the expense of the majority of people.
I am not arguing religion it is a powerful tool for good as well but in the wrong hands and with the wrong motivations a weapon of destruction. As we sit posed to expand our wars one of the few things not cut in our budget arguments. Most people are not even aware I am sure corporate gurus at major industries world wide are chomping at the bit more cash flow from defense contracts, feeding troops (privatized), purifying water, selling gasoline to armies and providing reconstruction in a war zone price (Army auditors found a three hundred million dollar error based on a company having done nothing in terms of construction and already being paid). Peace is cheaper or maybe not good business.

“Every footstep is the journey. Every sight, every sound, every touch and taste and smell with which we are blessed is the journey. All of the colors before us are the journey, and we are the journey. May we always keep our feet on Mother Earth, our eyes and minds above the treetops, our spirit with the Greater Universal Spirit. And may we always walk the path of Good Medicine in harmony and balance, with a sense of humility, kindness, wonder, and respect for all living things as we follow the sacred trail of those who have come before us and those yet to come.” Dr. Michael Tlanusta Garrett, Walking on the Wind, 1998, is from the Eastern Band of Cherokee, he grew up on the Cherokee Indian Reservation in the mountains of western North Carolina. He holds a Ph.D. in counselor education and a M.Ed. in counseling and development.

Each day I wonder can we overcome all that ails our world and I ask each of you to please keep all in harms way on your mind and in your hearts.

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