What is it we fear?

Bird Droppings July 15, 2011
What is it we fear?

“Never fear shadows. They simply mean there’s a light shining somewhere nearby.” Ruth E. Renkel

It has been many years since I feared the beating of my own heart. I recall as a child there was a pathway into the forest near the apartment we lived in. I was four or so years old when I would lay down at night with my ear to my pillow and I would hear footsteps coming always down that pathway. For many years it was a wolf or monster I do not recall what my childish mind concocted. As I grew older I would sleep with my feet covered and head covered and a fan on to drown out the footsteps always steady and relentless something was coming for me. It seemed so real night after night.
I am amazed now how only a sheet protected me during the summer and the drone of the fan reduced the steady footsteps to a muffled background noise. One day in my later years I came to realize the sounds I was hearing were my own heart beat and in one instant years of fear were gone. It was not that long ago I would walk each morning in the twilight hours often four to five miles. I would constantly check for scary things behind my back but again I soon realized as an owl swooped by that I knew each creature here and each sound there and it was nothing to fear. As I eliminated my own fears an ease seemed to settle in.
One evening I recall as I sat pondering I lost the fear of death. It was not a religious experience but perhaps quite the opposite. It came to me we all die and are part of this great earth be it in a living form or in organic material to bring forth more life. It might have been I was listening to the Lion King movie and the circle of life concept that previous night with my kids. But with that loss of fear came a freedom. I read this simple quote this morning and recalled so many moments lost in fear

“You live longer once you realize that any time spent being unhappy is wasted.” Ruth E. Renkel

Author Ruth E. Renkal so eloquently simplifies what took me so many years to ponder and resolve within myself. As I sit here thinking it is so true, a shadow is cast by a light we too often never think or wonder to look beyond the darkness. On that day when fears are set aside each day becomes longer when worries subside and is replaced with confidence, be it a new month, a new week or a new day for each of us. Please keep all in harm’s way on your minds and in your hearts.

Doc Bird’s herb garden note:

I found a good Herb enthusiast magazine at Barnes and Nobles the other day, The Herb Quarterly. In one article several energizing teas.

Garden Tea II

Equal parts holy basil, lemon grass, and anise hyssop steep for a few minutes in boiling water use maple syrup to flavor and or Agave Nectar

I am trying this one when I get home.

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