An eclectic morning

Bird Droppings July 21, 2011
An eclectic morning

“Learn as if you were going to live forever. Live as if you were going to die tomorrow.” Mahatma Gandhi

It has been a few years since I watched an episode of Star Trek actually it may have been one of the movies. Mr. Spock has interfered with Star Fleets objectives in relationship to a small group of colonists on an obscure planet. It seems they live forever or at least aging is so minute that life times are measured in tens of thousands of years. What was interesting is that they by choice they became nearly primitive living off the land and pursuing wisdom, reading, writing, and all varying other forms of art work. For them it was about always improving since time was not a factor. As I read this quote from Gandhi earlier this morning this movie popped in my mind.

“The world is apprehended by way of the mind, the world is acted upon by way of the mind and all good things and bad exist in the world by way of the mind.” Samyutta Nikaya

As I thought further about Star Trek and this group of people living on a planet where radiation from there sun seemed to be the key to longevity I was reflecting back on several incidents at school last semester. My assistant principal came in with thirty minutes left in the day before a holiday to do an observation or so he said sticking his head in the door. On that day I had two extra students who had been placed with me since they are not functioning in regular classes sort of a holding pattern for a day or two. I was in the middle of trying to alleviate a year book emergency and rewiring a CD burner and trying to print out a picture for a teacher who wanted her daughters angel scene from a Christmas play I just took for drama dept. and several extra students were assisting in helping down load hard drives from refurbished computers so all in all ten things happening in last thirty minutes of last day before holiday.
I never mind observations and probably have had more in eleven years than most have in a life time but my AP was getting back at me for several previous practical jokes. But as we think what we portray in our minds as I shifted from disaster to success and within seconds I was plotting a new reprisal. As I am here sitting pondering how we see things in life.

“Honesty can be cultivated by transforming your inner language. For example, you might think: “I am no good” or “They are not good.” Is this true? For some strange reason, people want to wallow in the idea of being either the best or the worst. What is true in this moment? How close can we get to the reality of our experiences?” Martine Batchelor, Meditation For Life

As I drove into the school this morning coming around a turn an object was in the other lane to the side of me. It was a box turtle and I stopped and began to back up to get the turtle to the other side. Flashing through my mind was a similar incident the other day in the same spot of road where I stopped to remove a six foot black rat snake before it could get hit. I stopped looking both directions for cars and even had flashers on and door open. A car was coming the other direction and never slowed down, aimed at snake hitting it before I could clear my door. I grabbed my snake stick which I always carry and moved the injured snake into the bushes. So here I was again trying to save an animal and again a car does not slow down and right at the poor turtle. As the car tire hit the turtle it changed to a pine cone and skipped across the road.
Wandering back to the movie Mr. Spock was trying to save the Utopian society of a small group of people as he turned against Star Fleet and in effect society in the movie. The reason that Star Fleet wanted this planet was literally to sell and package longevity. A good friend posted something about profit and capitalism this morning. I responded that the website for ethical capitalism is seldom visited. Star fleet was willing to destroy a people for profit. In the article my friend mentioned it was a major bank was willing to destroy people’s lives eventually in bad mortgage deals for short term profit. Is it human nature since that is what many would say?
I observe my students literally constantly making mental notes on behavior and going back to the day before holiday with the two extra students. One of the students I have had for a period every day the other I did not know. As I thought to why both ended with me it was because of inappropriate behavior in class, acting out, attention seeking whatever the cause. I have been a fan of, Law and Order, a police show on TV. Last night in an old rerun a young boy who had been abused was talking with prosecutor and recalled a particular day in his life, the very man who had abused him for four years was the hero by chance. The boy was concerned he was “sick” because the greatest day of his life was also with the person who destroyed his life. Shortly after on the show this young man tried to kill himself.

“Real love is not based on attachment, but on altruism. In this case, your compassion will remain as a humane response to suffering as long as beings continue to suffer.” The Dalai Lama

Perhaps I am trying to cram too many thoughts into one sitting. It was a busy day yesterday and will be today preparing for a trip to Myrtle Beach and a reptile show. We all need to be looking at our lives. Are we trying to over simplify? Are we being honest with ourselves? Do we use the word love as merely an attachment? Can we be more than we are in our given time? Many issues as we head into the coming days. I need to take my wives car to the service station and for tomorrow just a reminder from Will Rodgers for our politicians.

“Too many people spend money they haven’t earned to buy things they don’t want to impress people they don’t like.” Will Rogers

Please as we head to holidays keep all in harm’s way in your hearts and on your minds.

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