Seemed like the right thing to write

Bird Droppings September 22, 2011
Seemed like the right thing to write

Every day as I send out my emails and post my various blogs entitled Bird Droppings I feel as if it was the right thing for that day. As the day progresses I actually print out extra copies and students and teachers often will pick up to read it so it comes in handy. For today a simple story as the day goes by I find each email response I get often is that what I wrote that day “was just what I needed today” from different people every day. Once I was asked, “did you know my son died?” or “my new job is just now falling in place” and even something less difficult, “my mother has finally decided to move”. Each person was appreciative for the words I wish I had been the author and not just the relay which is in and of itself a part of the story as well. Often someone sent me the story and someone had sent them the story each a piece of the puzzle. But in life timing is so much the part saying the right word or emailing the right word at just the right time.

“Synchronicity is a word created by the Swiss psychologist Carl Jung to describe the alignment of “universal forces” with the life experiences of an individual. Jung believed that many experiences perceived as coincidences were not merely due to chance, but instead reflected the creation of an event or circumstance by the “co-inciding” or alignment of such forces. The process of becoming intuitively aware and acting in harmony with these forces is what Jung labeled “individuation.” Jung said that an individuated person would actually shape events around them through the communication of their consciousness with the collective unconscious.” Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

It has been several years since I first saw the word synchronicity and what is so funny when I studied Jung in college many years ago the word never really stuck with me. It was many experiences later and many years later that those aspects of learning seemed to kick in. Intuitiveness according to Jung is the key I see often the reading of people and in seeing bits and pieces I seriously wish we could bottle intuition.

“Although not scientifically provable in the classical sense, a scientific basis for the phenomenon of synchronicity may be found in the principle of correlation, in so far as a more precise scientific term for Jung’s expression ‘a causal connecting principle’ is ‘correlation. It is a well-known scientific principle that ‘correlation does not imply causation’. Yet, correlation may in fact be a physical property shared by events without there being a classical cause-effect relationship, as shown in quantum physics, where widely separated events can be correlated without being linked by a direct physical cause-effect” Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

In 1979 a Harvard graduate Gary Zukav wrote a book entitled The Dancing Wu Li Masters: An overview of the new physics, trying to put Quantum Physics in the words of the laity, the math and science illiterate. The book became a best seller and with subsequent books they have sold over six million copies. In his writing Gary Zukav tied science and the soul together which is and of itself an interesting mix.

“In Synchronicity, Science and Soul-Making, Victor Mansfield, a professor of physics and astronomy at Colgate University, offers up a “new age” amalgamation of Jungian psychology and quantum mechanics. Mansfield provides some inkling of his background and motivation for writing the book in chapter 2, where he states that at one point he dropped out of graduate school in physics because his interests were too broad to be confined to one narrow discipline. He took a job in the experimental ward of a mental hospital, where, he says, “my possession of the keys to the ward doors was …” The Journal of Parapsychology; 3/1/1997; Stokes, Douglas M.

As I was researching the why’s and where’s I ended up after quite a few search’s and hunts through the internet at this quote. Granted it was under parapsychology but still most interesting. As I was reading I thought back in my own life to starting as a Biology education major at West Chester State College failing out in the midst of the Viet Nam war and failing my draft physical due to a child hood diagnosis condition of epilepsy. I then went to school in Texas studying human development from the Doman and Delacato Institute which is controversial still in their theories and ideas.
Returning to Pennsylvania and studying now Special Education and History at Eastern College and not matriculating as a senior at Eastern due to probation and then working for a year getting into teaching of disabled children and adults. Perhaps it was moving to Georgia in 1972 and starting school at Mercer University in psychology since I would not need another math class and no foreign language to graduate. I first visited Central State Hospital while at Mercer which is a story onto its own.
I graduated in 1974 and attended seminary at Emory University where as a group we went to Central State Hospital and another experience for me to do a chaplainancy. I had several disagreements with professors and my group and left seminary but stayed for six months as a volunteer chaplain at Central state hospital. All that verbiage for a point perhaps. Often I will mention how while at Central State I had a key on a lanyard much like so many teachers do now except the key at the hospital was for every door and the elevator and quiet room and freedom. So often I use the concept of the pieces falling in place with each moment and each day we experience new and sometimes re-experience things. These make up whom and what we are and these become driving forces for us as we go through our days.

“Trust your hunches. They’re usually based on facts filed away just below the conscious level.” Dr. Joyce Brothers

“If the single man plant himself indomitably on his instincts, and there abide, the huge world will come round to him.” Ralph Waldo Emerson

Intuition we so often pass it off yet it is a significant aspect of the human effort. As I look at my own teaching I rely on intuition often when dealing with students who cannot or will not offer other explanations of behavior and or attitudes.

“Often you have to rely on intuition.” Bill Gates

I find it very interesting that the wealthiest man in the world by only a few billion dollars would even consider intuition.

“The struggle of the male to learn to listen to and respect his own intuitive, inner prompting is the greatest challenge of all. His conditioning has been so powerful that it has all but destroyed his ability to be self-aware.” Herb Goldberg

In today’s technological society we avoid talk of synchronicity and intuition neither uses a remote or cable modem. But these simple ideas are a driving force if we let them be and here is the key. We need to be aware and willing to consider them. James Redfield, a new age guru made fortune writing about this in his book The Celestine Prophecy. He could not explain what he was feeling and seeing happen so he developed a fictional book to explain and in doing so literally founded a cult following. I am always amazed at how we respond and his words were not new Carl Jung was thinking such in 1916. Many philosophers and mothers have known since primeval days. Goldberg’s statement is so true men in particular have all but forgotten how to listen and how to be self aware. So as we get over so many rainy days in Georgia and fall is coming on please keep all in harm’s way on your mind and in your heart.

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