Can we really see while looking?

Bird Droppings November 25, 2012

Can we really see while looking?


“Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it.” William Arthur Ward, college administrator, writer (1921-1994)


It has been several weeks now that I have been fighting a tough cold and this week bronchitis so I did very little in terms of writing or even thinking let alone anything of a physical manual labor sort of project. So last night as I read my emails for the day on my iPad after being disappointed by college football, a good friend had sent me this quote from Arthur Ward. So often we hold back, gratitude is a two way street, it is really a symbiotic response, it works both ways if we let it.


“The morning is wiser than the evening.” Russian proverb


I think I am a proponent of this quote but there is more to it than simply when we rise from sleep or time of day. I happen to like sunrises but we should deal with issues more in time with when they happen then stewing on them thinking about or forgetting about which can happen so easily when we put them off till later.


Spring has its hundred flowers,
Autumn has its many moons.
Summer has cool winds,
Winter its snow.
If useless thoughts do not
Cloud your mind,
Each day is the best of your life.

Wu-Men-Hui-Kai (1183-1260)


I was reading through several different sites this morning and I have one that features ZEN quotes and found this short thought and poem. I have always been amazed at how Zen quotes are so simple and straight forward. I was looking for no specific quote this morning as I was reading and writing. I have been looking back over the past few days and days up coming. There have been and will be days with family and friends and days of solitude and study. I will be spending time with my family that we haven’t had to do lately because of work, school, and such with everyone going in different directions. In a week I will say hello to our newest grandbaby. However the past few days I have been reminded of the intertwining and the coincidences we encounter in life.

On our way to the grocery store I was thinking of a student who has a tremendous personality and as we stood in line who comes barging out to pester me said student. Sitting here my mine went back to an earlier thought, “Each day is the best of your life”, as I am borrowing from the Zen poem above. Yesterday I wanted to cram several days of writing and reading into one as I am working on several projects for school and my own writing but I was waylaid by this illness and spent the day sitting reclined in a chair. I did take a short morning break trying to get something done and went for a drive. I recall as I drove out of our subdivision I saw what I thought was my sisters car and drove in that direction as I got there directly beside me was a red tailed hawk perched on a pole. I went closer and it flew off, turned out to not be my sister’s car but someone else. My sojourn only lasted briefly as within a few minutes I was exhausted and headed home.

Events seemingly meaningless yet tied together and had I now driven out to see that the car was my not my sisters I would not have seen the hawk. For many people a red tailed hawk is insignificant but it was the synchronicity of the events more than the events. Just in the past few minutes my westie wanted out and I went downstairs and took her out and dropped several trash bags in the garbage can. As I walked back towards the house a sliver of a moon just over the pines and a bright sun shone through the pines. A magnificent smile greeted me as I headed back inside for some tea and warmth as I was greeted by my granddaughter. Flip flops are great in summer but do not keep your feet warm.

If you are looking, truly looking when you see often there is more meaning. If you see with a clear mind you can see more. The Russian proverb above reminds us to be awake and as life comes at you, live it don’t wait till it is past. The Zen poem while short and simple is so true if we live that each day can be and will be the best of our life how amazing each moment becomes, each flower petal, grain of sand, rain drop and pine needle. A simple thought for today as we go out. Please keep all in harm’s way on your mind and in your heart and always give thanks namaste.


Wa de (Skee)




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