Month: March 2013

  • What is it like to be caught up in a moment of quiet?

    Bird Droppings March 6, 2013 What is it like to be caught up in a moment of quiet? An occasionally coo or whisper on the baby monitor here near where I am sitting is my only sound as I start my morning along with I walking out to a smiling moon and clear sky after […]

  • Is it only a dropped feather?

    Bird Droppings March 5, 2013 Is it only a dropped feather? “If we consider the eagle feather with its light and dark colors, we could argue that ‘the dark colors are more beautiful and, therefore, naturally more valuable,’ or vice versa. Regardless of which colors are more beautiful, or necessary, or valuable, the truth is […]

  • Changing Behavior

    Bird Droppings March 4, 2013 Changing Behavior β€œIn order to change behavior of a person, the ultimate factor is motivation, and more attention needs to be paid to the mental state.” The Dalai Lama In dealing with students and people in general changing behavior is perhaps one element that crosses so many different aspects of […]

  • An owl calling

    Bird Droppings March 1. 2013 An owl calling Last night I woke for a few minutes my wife thought I had left the burner on with a pot still on the stove I had cooked up my world famous chicken and rice for dinner. While up I stuck my nose out the door perhaps intuition […]