It seems to be a new day?

Bird Droppings April 3, 2016
It seems to be a new day?


Last night I cooked dinner all healthy and watched American Idol with my wife Pat. My son is staying with my mother while my brother and his family are on vacation. It is always good to have time together even American Idol. When I had checked on our Huskie who had been waiting outside to come in the sounds of the evening surrounded me, it is still a bit cool at night for tree frogs and crickets but across the meadow a great horned owl was calling and all was still. Living in the country we are used to quiet but this was still other than a slight breeze which occasionally would rustle the pine needles. I seriously miss the cicadas, tree frogs, crickets and every other creature that normally would be out. It could be the temperature of just over fifty degrees on a April evening, which silences all. Through the silence that lone owl hooted two or three times and then it too was quiet.
I checked my tanks and critters yesterday remnants from my teaching days feeding and cleaning. Next week I am excited to get some teaching in subbing here and there. The county testing cycle starts in a few weeks and I wonder often about the usefulness of such endeavors are we truly assessing students or simply going through hoops. Sadly it is a state and federal requirement.


I have a book on my shelf that I found at Barnes and Nobles, “Teachers Little book of Wisdom”. I found it on one of excursions into the vastness of our local Barnes and Noble bookstore. Seldom do I come out without reading material or at least an idea. Bob Alogozzine is the author/editor of this little tome. Bob is someone who ended up in teaching sort of by accident and fell in love with his job. With an economics degree and few jobs in his field, there was a need for Special Education teachers so he ended up by chance teaching special ed. This little book is 365 statements about teaching.


“Teach them the difference between things that need doing better than they have been done before, things that just need doing, and things that don’t need to be done at all.” Bob Alogozzine


It is not just about math or science there is an aspect of life in each day we walk into a room or see another person. Teaching is not simply a job done by a teacher it is a piece of everyone’s existence. Parents teach from day one. Friends teach or they are truly not friends and some of us who choose to be in a class room teach. As I read this little thought I realize how wonderful of an idea it truly is. It is not about learning calculus for the big test but about doing better than has been done before. If each of us could look at life that way and do today just a bit better than any other day before I wonder what kind of world we could make.
I was looking at my blue berries yesterday and it looks to be a good year coming they are full of flowers and potential berries, made me think of picking blueberries at a friend’s house a few years back. It was hot out we nearly stopped several times but we kept on and you know when I finish writing today I will grab a few big blueberries from the freezer. Blueberries really freeze great. Life is moving in so many directions as I read the news today and maybe one day soon I can stop ending my emails with this. Please keep all in harm’s way on your mind and in your hearts and always give thanks namaste.


My family and friends I do not say this lightly,

Mitakuye Oyasin

(We are all related)


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