Standing in line at Kroger always thinking about teaching

Bird Droppings June 23, 2020
Standing in line at Kroger always thinking about teaching
I am always looking for coincidence. This could be why so often I find it just about anywhere. It might be walking in my yard and seeing an owl sitting in a tree, or standing in line at an odd hour at our super Kroger and finding a book. As it goes I am a creature of some routine, while not rising as early as I did during the school year, when I would leave the house at to go to the high school by six or so in the morning. I still am up and moving before many even consider the idea. I have been doing well on my intake of caffeine for a couple months.
I am sitting in my hotel room in Southern Pines NC without my tea from the house and trying to avoid my caffeine fix each morning from extremely high caffeine energy drinks which my cardiologist said to avoid. Although there is a mini Keurig sitting quietly on the frig. It has been a few years since I would down big mugs as I wrote each morning and having that urge again. The collection of empty mugs in our cabinet at home bespeaks my former habit. My son is taking care of the dog and watering plants and geckos at the house while we are away a few days visiting grand babies. Yesterday I had my first road trip in my new car and was pleasantly surprised with thirty miles per gallon for the three hundred sixty-mile trip. Sunday when I went to the store as I was checking out, I entered the checkout line and there was a book cart of sorts a large cardboard box marked book sale. Generally, in a grocery store books in a large cardboard box marked for sale are ones no one wants but are discounted so you will buy this now sort of approach. As I bent over to look on top was a little book, “Teachers are Special” by Nancy Burke. The adventure begins, on page seven a nice start to the day as I am always looking for ideas. I shared this one yesterday and have several times in the past.
“The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires.” William Arthur Ward
That summarizes many education courses and how to courses in teaching all in one and here I am always searching for what makes a great teacher. Inspiration is the key as I look back on teachers over the years a very few inspired me. There were some and those I could on my fingers and I am one who has been through many teachers in undergraduate and graduate school. I got thinking back to another morning and I was writing as usual. My son had called me to ask if I was watching the news. One of his good friends was in London on a summer study trip and things were going on that were not so good where his buddy was staying. Jamie came out of it ok and by coincidence I officiated at this same young man’s wedding a few years later. As I thought to the young man whose wedding I had officiated and more recently another call from my son tp inform me of his tragic death in a half marathon two years ago. My son whom I am visiting now lives in North Carolina with his wife and two children. Sitting here thinking as I reread the line from this little book and you know the word teacher could be substituted with parent, friend, manager, supervisor and nearly any other word describing relationships. It is so interesting how we all are teachers in life at some point or another.
“Everywhere, we learn only from those whom we love.” Johann Wolfgang Goethe
One of my projects today is to finish several thoughts on story telling for my dissertation and pack books for vacation. What better time to work on a story about story telling than while spending time with grand kids? Story telling is essentially how I teach and get my lessons across. I actually found several Universities doing research on the subject, basically teaching with inspiration, emotion and feeling. What if for today? What if everyone taught, listened, spoke, managed, supervised, coached, and or just was friends with feeling would our world be any different?
“I like teachers to be nice and sweet and cool and let us do our own stuff, and to be kind, really kind.” Meagan, age 7
I wonder what if a child could rule the world what would the world be like, nice, sweet, cool kind, really kind and we could do our own stuff maybe. Please keep all in harm’s way on your mind and in your hearts Namaste.
My family and friends I do not say this lightly,
Mitakuye Oyasin
(We are all related)

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