It is the small pieces that seriously matter

Bird Droppings December 17, 2020
It is the small pieces that seriously matter

“Until you can clearly see each piece of the puzzle you will never be able to understand the whole.” Frank Bird, grandfather, teacher and ponderer

I am sitting here on the last week before Christmas in Between Georgia a long way from my birth place and even where I spent my youth in Pennsylvania. I have traveled many pathways, spiritually, educationally, emotionally and physically as I journeyed. It has been many years since a vision of a jig saw puzzle woke me from my sleep on my front porch in the middles of several hundred acres of pasture. Over the years I have used that image of puzzle pieces and using a puzzle in explaining life and its intricacies. My son added to my collection of ideas along the way nearly fifteen years ago with a line from an Aerosmith song. “Life is about the journey not the destination.” Steven Tyler and Aerosmith I went outside to run to the corner store for a new bottle of smart water. I am spoiled I enjoy bottled water over tap. No sunrise to chase today in the rain and soon a frantic trip to finish up Christmas shopping.

As I drove about for a few minutes several ideas kept hitting me in the head. I am still sore from my leg injury and subsequent soreness on my other side compensating for the other. Literally every day I hear from a person could be a former student, a total stranger who read something I have written, a friend I have not seen in fifty years, maybe a member of a group I am in on Facebook, a cohort member from graduate school offering a thank you for a thought I shared, or idea given. It is not about major successes but the small one at a time pieces that often float by unnoticed.

I find as I listed my somewhat ambiguous titles with the quote above grandfather first and foremost that seemed just the right thing to do. As I sat back and pondered as I tend to do often it became the not only right thing but job number one for me now over my teaching, writing, and parenting. It is we as elders who provide wisdom and understanding even if in small ways to those who come after. In today’s hectic world moments tiny children can get lost just like pieces to the puzzle.

Today as I do every day please keep all in harm’s way on your mind and in your hearts and all give thanks namaste.

My family and friends I do not say this lightly,
Mitakuye Oyasin
(We are all related)

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