Within the circle of life, a new life coming

Bird Droppings October 15, 2021

Within the circle of life, a new life coming

I will be wanding many miles over the next few days since my wife, and I will be taking a trip to the North Georgia Mountains. We will be stopping at several farmer’s markets. We will be looking for a few more pumpkins to add to our decorations and, who knows, maybe indulge in a pumpkin pie or two. Countless errands for myself the past few days. I Have been thinking quite a bit about my mother and father as I read through my old baby book. I am using it for my dissertation research. However, as I went out this morning, it was a new and glorious day today. I found this author several years ago, and it seems just to hit the spot today.


By Susan Thomas Underwood

The universe is energy in constant motion.

There are ebbs and flows;

Outcomes and income,

And change…… Always change.

The physical world reflects this motion

In the cycles of life,

There is spring and fall, winter and summer,

Birth and death; and rebirth…


Einstein proved that even time is relative

In his theory of relativity,

All is relative …. All is change

You can count on it.

Be then as the willow;

Learn to bend with the wind!

Always dream, though your dreams may change.

Always produce, though your product may change.

Always love, though your love may change.

Always live, though your life will change.

You can count on it!

Susan Thomas Underwood is a native Oklahoman, Shawnee, and author. I saw her book of thoughts, Walk with Spirit, on Amazon.com and thought I might take a look. As I read this first entry in Underwood’s book, I thought about my existence these past seventy-plus years and the changes I have been through as a son, parent, husband, father, and now a grandfather.

“The beauty of the trees, the softness of the air, the fragrance of the grass, the summit of the mountain, the thunder of the sky, the rhythm of the sea, speaks to me. The faintness of the stars, the freshness of the morning, the dewdrop on the flower speaks to me. The strength of the fire, the trail of the sun, and the life that never goes away, they speak to me, and my heart soars.” Chief Dan George

I find myself quoting Dan George many times. Dan was a Salish chief from Canada and an accomplished actor later in his life. Some may remember him from the movie Little Big Man or Outlaw Josie Wales. But he was too an eloquent speaker and poet. He often spoke of nature but also of the intertwining of life. He would talk about the roads we each travel and cross many times. I spent most of the past weekend watching, observing, holding, and photographing my grandchildren and helping my wife get the house ready for the holidays while she ran around hunting for bargains. I was at the baker and texted her a picture of the grandbabies birthday cake for the weekend, and fortunately, this year, as she went to reach her phone, she did not break her foot as she did last year. It is hard to recall a tiny newborn three years ago when each gesture and smile was first for her. I am so happy with how we responded and have encouraged her as she is learning daily. It seems even for a teacher watching my grandbabies learn daily, I am amazed.

As a teacher, I find being a grandparent becomes our teaching job number one, not so much to have their belief or think as I do but to provide pathways for them to walk and learn independently. Our journeys in life are not always smooth going, and they can offer a hand when needed. I recall three years back watching my granddaughter and my son as we went for blood work. The bond that has been made in a few short hours is one of a lifetime. During a brief moment or two, I was peering through the lens of my camera as my granddaughter in a matter of seconds in her grandmother’s lap made a series of facial expressions almost as if she knew I have grandma wrapped around my ever so tiny finger now. Watching her mother hold and talk softly, whispering as she carefully touched her eyes, nose, and cheeks is a bond that is impossible to break. As the orator and actor Dan George stated so many years ago, “they speak to me, and my heart soars.”

It is a new week, and grandbabies’ birthdays are on the way; it is all happening so fast. May peace be with you all in the coming days, and may we all keep those in harm’s way on our hearts and our minds and always give thanks namaste.

My family and friends, I do not say this lightly,

Mitakuye Oyasin 

(We are all related)


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