Being reborn is listening with the heart

Bird Droppings May 24, 2022

Being reborn is listening with the heart

So often in life, we hear words and rationalize those utterances, develop an opinion and then logically state a response. I got thinking back to a conversation sitting discussing existentialism with my granddaughter one night nearly eleven years ago as she cooed and babbled, trying her best to formulate words. Even as an infant, her emotions, however, were conveyed. As a tiny baby, she would be upset, cry, and you would know her diaper was wet or hungry. As she got a few months older, she became more sophisticated. She would whimper her distaste at being held a certain way or that she wanted to go for a walk or for granddad to stop the infernal conversation on existentialism and let’s go read, The grumpy caterpillar again.

We hear with our heads. Those vibrations from another person’s vocal cords transmitted through the air strike the inner workings of our ears, and we, in our thought processes, put meaning to that sound. When I see or hear the word dog, I immediately visualize a four-legged, barking life form that pops into my mind. Generally, if only the random word dog, that visual in my head is one of my previous pets. Far too often, we let the dictionary do our thinking. We respond to the word on a page and how that definition has been explained or taught to us. We do not hear with the heart. A grandbaby teaches you quickly otherwise. Occasionally a tear or smile will give away where words are coming from, and good listeners will understand and hear the inner workings of the words, not just the definitions.

“Look at every path closely and deliberately; we should then ask ourselves this crucial question: Does this path have a heart? If it does, then the path is good. If it doesn’t, it is of no use.” Carlos Castaneda

It has been several years since I first read the meanderings of Carlos Castaneda and his journey as an apprentice medicine man in the mountains of Mexico. Many writers and scientists consider his books to be fiction. They are a very intricate fabrication as he developed his doctoral dissertation. I find myself fascinated with his stories of a Yaqui holy man who took him in and taught this college-educated man the old ways. While the possibility of fiction is there for me, the storyline is depicted in the statement above. Far too often, we modern-day people choose a path of logic, one of definition, one of clear, concise rational thought. We forget the aspect of the heart. When looking up online, we hear words provided in Webster’s Dictionary, or even more sadly, google. When reviewed and analyzed, they have a specific meaning, and soon we leave behind any emotion in what was being said. People speak not in clear and concise words but in emotions and feelings; we speak from the heart. We lose the emotion in our instantaneous, high speed, immediate, and tell me now, society. 

Many years ago, a great storyteller spoke of becoming like children, and his follower’s immediate response was we cannot be reborn physically. This story’s author spoke of listening with the heart, as do children. They haven’t learned all the words and still do not know the definitions, so the heart is all they have, and you know what they generally get right. As I watched my granddaughter so many years ago grip her upper lip in her two new bottom teeth making faces at us while sitting in her grandmother’s lap, she knew the response she would get and a whimper here and there, and people were jumping getting toys and a clean diaper. There were no words spoken, simply communication direct from the heart. Please keep all n harm’s way on your mind and most of all in your heart namaste.

My family and friends, I do not say this lightly,

 Mitakuye Oyasin

 (We are all related)

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