Tag: Confucius

  • We can make learning successful

    Bird Droppings May 11, 2018 We can make learning successful So as I do on many mornings when I get the time I walked out to a quiet corner of my back yard. Nestled in a patch of weeds and brush I laid claim to my quiet spot and look toward the east in the […]

  • Can we be about healing?

    Bird Droppings May 8, 2018 Can we be about healing?   I came out earlier today into the darkness and the first thing I heard was a bullfrog off in the distance calling that’s the first one of the year. As I listened I heard more I heard many birds starting to chirp, whistle and […]

  • Why do children do what they do?

    Bird Droppings May 4, 2018 Why do children do what they do?   “Our task is to make our children into disciples of the good life, by our own actions toward them and toward other people. This is the only effective discipline in the long run. But it is more arduous, and takes longer, than […]

  • Driving up a mountain takes considerable effort

    Bird Droppings April 29, 2018 Driving up a mountain takes considerable effort   I am looking forward to another trip to Black Rock Mountain in North Georgia, the site of the Foxfire Museum property. In the past it was the site of the Piedmont College’s teacher’s class in The Foxfire Approach to teaching. My oldest […]

  • Why not just imagine?

    Bird Droppings April 28, 2018 Why not just imagine?   Some days I wonder if adults I know have ever imagined even considered imagination. For example have you ever lain on your back watching clouds trying to determine if this one is a dragon or a whale? I was driving home from Georgia Tech with […]

  • Is it passion or just obsession?

    Bird Droppings April 27, 2018 Is it passion or just obsession? “All games have an important and probably decisive influence on the destinies of the players under ordinary social conditions; but some offer more opportunities than others for life long careers and are more likely to involve innocent bystanders.” Dr. Eric Berne, The games people […]

  • My pedagogy is evolving as I learn, see and listen more

    Bird Droppings April 25, 2018 My pedagogy is evolving as I learn, see and listen more   “We would do away with examinations. They measure the inconsequential type of learning. We would do away with grades and credits for the same reason. We would do away with degrees as a measure of competence partly for […]

  • Reading a friend’s book a sixth time

    Bird Droppings April 24, 2018 Reading a friend’s book a sixth time   I was so tired when I laid down last night after staying awake to watch American Idol, running errands, working around the house, fixing supper and attempting to get into my reading and writing. My youngest son in now a nurse at […]

  • Wondering about the song lyrics of an old friend

    Bird Droppings April 23, 2018 Wondering about the song lyrics of an old friend   I first started listening to Neil Young’s music in 1967 or so possibly even earlier if you count Buffalo Springfield, a short lived band and of course 1968 with Crosby Stills, Nash and Young at Woodstock and Deja vu, their […]

  • Going to school again for the first time

    Bird Droppings April 20, 2018 Going to school again for the first time   So often as I start my writings each morning there has been an experience recently to build upon. It is utilizing these previous experiences that provide windows and doors into future experiences. I was driving through our town and a shop […]