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  • Sitting at my kitchen table pondering

    Bird Droppings June 17, 2013 Sitting at my kitchen table pondering I am up a bit earlier than normal on a wet and soggy Georgia morning but a trip ahead of me one of which for nearly eight years now I try and make about this time each year this coming weekend. Very few times […]

  • Am I home?

    Bird Droppings June 3, 2012 Am I home?   It is a new morning; a cool morning for June yet the warmth of summer will soon overcome the welcome of the morning according to the weather. I walked out on a back porch with silence in the darkness save for the friendly chirp of crickets […]

  • Time do we need it?

    Bird Droppings June 2, 2012 Time do we need it?   “I still can’t see any reason to count all the sand on the beach – why bother? Or minutes, either. Could I possible add one more minute to my life by counting them?” Fernando Payaguaje, Secoya healer and holy man, translated from Secoya by […]

  • Following the path

    Bird Droppings June 1, 2012 Following the Path   “In our way of life, with every decision we make, we always keep in mind the Seventh Generation of children to come. When we walk upon Mother Earth, we always plant our feet carefully, because we know that the faces of future generations are looking up […]

  • Pondering in my search for wisdom

    Bird Droppings May 31, 2012 Pondering my search for wisdom               I started my day a bit later than normal being out from school and trying to get over a summer cold and my plans include yard work, writing and a finishing up several pieces of my graduate portfolio later today so I was […]

  • Filling cracks in leaky pots

    Bird Droppings May 30, 2012 Filling cracks in leaky pots   Many thousands of years ago Buddha compared people to four kinds of clay vessels. Borrowing these words today as I am thinking to a day lost yesterday in my normal routine of writing and doing things. A lost day but a full day, time […]

  • It will be an interesting day

    Bird Droppings May 29, 2012 It will be an interesting day   I was up earlier than normal and went back to bed after sitting out for a few minutes around midnight or so. It was peaceful sitting in the coolness of a summer evening. I thought earlier we were going to have a storm. […]

  • Finding at what point we exist

    Bird Droppings May 28, 2012 Finding at what point we exist               Today is an ordinary day for many people round the world however other than being one extra day on a long holiday weekend it is a time for those of us in this country to remember those military members who have passed […]

  • To die a happy death:

    Bird Droppings May 27, 2012 To die a happy death:   I have been teaching high school now for nearly eleven years and after summer break another year ahead. I am starting my writing day a bit later than normal since we had the grandbaby for the night last night and drove her home this […]

  • Reading a friends book for the fourth time

    Bird Droppings May 26, 2012 Reading a friend’s book a fourth time   I was so tired when I laid down last night after driving around doing errands, working in the yard, working in my gardens, and attempting to get into my reading and writing. My youngest son starts his nursing program next week at […]