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  • a circle

    Bird Droppings January 27, 2012 a circle   I missed the last rerun of a favorite miniseries, Into the West, and one of these days will find the DVD set.  The movie starts and ends with a circle of stones with a line going east to west and one going north to south through the […]

  • Taking and making the most of each moment

    Bird Droppings January 26, 2012 Taking and making the most of each moment   Waking up to my dog barking because she needs to run outside for a second is not the best way to wake up, although a beautiful sky greeted me. I received a call midday yesterday that my mother had to be […]

  • How heavy a load can we carry?

    Bird Droppings January 25, 2012 How heavy a load can we carry?               It has been so many years since I last toted a backpack up a mountain trail. I can recall going over gear before a trip to make sure we had enough yet our packs were as light as possible. We would […]

  • Can we define our own success?

    Bird Droppings January 24, 2012 Can we define our own success?   Yesterday in a teachable moment I drew upon my experiences and while discussing the phylum arthopoda and black and yellow garden spiders offered a Creek Indian view of early morning. Early in the morning I will often go and sit watching the sun […]

  • Neither wolf nor dog

    Bird Droppings January 23, 2012 Neither Wolf nor Dog   It has been some time since I first read a book by this name written by one of my favorite authors Kent Nerburn. While addressing the issue of the Native Indians of the Americas perhaps equally as appropriate as we are in a situation as […]

  • Sailing off the edge and or thinking out of the box

    Bird Droppings January 22, 2012 Sailing off the edge and or thinking out of a box   I was thinking back nearly three years when history was made as a new president was sworn in and as one of my students came into class and asked to start working on his assignments. I did not […]

  • Looking on a morning in a direction

    Bird Droppings January 22, 2012 Looking on a morning in a direction   “Beginnings start in the east – from where the sun rises we begin a new dawn. Each day is a good new day with a fresh beginning, a new start.  East is the direction of the physical body and newness including children […]

  • Trying to get back to normal or is it abnormal

    Bird Droppings January 20, 2012 Trying to find a way back to normal or is it abnormal   “Your son or daughter may be flashing warning signals that he or she will soon drop out of society and join the “hippie” movement. If you know what to look for, you may be able to prevent […]

  • Why can’t Swiss FAmily Robinson, SWR take over

    Bird Droppings January 19, 2012 Why can’t Swiss Family Robinson, SWR take over for NCLB?   About two years ago to the day I spent the better part of the day driving between Macon Georgia and home and back. My son needed some books and a few things from the house and to buy text […]

  • We have to try and care

    Bird Droppings January 18, 2012 We have to try and care   So far for this year and the tail end of last year all the snow, sleet and ice predicted have never showed up. It has been unseasonably warm with only a few nights getting below freezing. I lost my phone yesterday as I […]